A Fail

Its been a while since I’ve experience a fail with my photography, but tonight, I got a dose of failure. I hardly ever shoot at night, its just not a strength, If I’m being honest, but I’ve been looking to challenge myself. Before going out to shoot, I watched a few youtube videos, to familiarize myself with what my presets should be for capturing night photos. Well guys, still a fail! Granted, I didn’t have anything in particular I was attempting to capture, just wanted quality night pictures … of whatever. Well I got just that, but no quality. Well I can’t say that either.

So upon further investigation of my photos, I do like em. I actually like them a lot, BUT its still not what I think of, when thinking of great night photos. I know the artificial lighting didn’t help, but I’m going to play around with the presets, so I can find what works for me. Excited? I damn sure am!

Tristan Jonez.

Also, Let me know what you think of my photos? Thank you!


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