Today is my website’s four year anniversary! Y’all. SHIT! I’ve been writing and putting all my business on front street for four years?! November 8, 2016, I started on this journey. And y’all know I be taking all the breaks in the World, to live life, to do nothing, to party & bullshit, but I always find myself back here. WOW! All the crazy things, I’ve done and been through, live within the ‘pages’ of my diary.

Y’all know a few weeks ago, when shorty left that comment I was tempted to delete this website. But one person’s opinion of me shouldn’t matter, cuz I know who I am. I know what my life is like, and its a damn good one! I close my eyes, and know I am living my life to the absolute fullest, and its a dream come true. Forget the traveling, but to have the freedoms I have, to not be held back by anything!

Sigh. Thank you again for supporting. For reading my crazy adventures. For being there. You mean more to me than my words could EVER describe! Thank you!

Tristan Jonez.


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