So, lets talk birthday.

I am 35! Whew. I remembered when I was turning 30, and was so stressed about the things I had yet to accomplish before I turned that “Big Age” but I had planned this epic birthday scavenger tour, with different points, and then Mother Nature dumped over ten inches of snow in NYC, and I wasn’t able to execute the plan. Well I did, but I was the only one on the tour. I say that to say, the stress was gone, and I was able to enjoy my birthday, even if it was solo.

This year my plans were very last minute, very off the cuff. All I knew, I didn’t want to Celebrate in Chicago. So I spent two weeks in warm temperatures, having the time of my life. Mexico City, Miami & Orlando. The time in Mex was spent, in nature, with delicious foods … EVERYDAY! Promise I will be more consistent with my Spanish! Miami was the Beach. Thats it, that’s the trip. Wake up and Beach. I ate occasionally but if it wasn’t laying in the sand, I DIDNT WANT IT! Orlando was spent with old friends, creating new ones … and theme parks!

Biggest Life Lesson for 35? Go where the Love is felt and bask in it!

Tristan J.

P.S. My Actual Birthday, January 23, was spent in New York, indulging in Dinner & Donuts. And it was … Perfection.


Today is my website’s four year anniversary! Y’all. SHIT! I’ve been writing and putting all my business on front street for four years?! November 8, 2016, I started on this journey. And y’all know I be taking all the breaks in the World, to live life, to do nothing, to party & bullshit, but I always find myself back here. WOW! All the crazy things, I’ve done and been through, live within the ‘pages’ of my diary.

Y’all know a few weeks ago, when shorty left that comment I was tempted to delete this website. But one person’s opinion of me shouldn’t matter, cuz I know who I am. I know what my life is like, and its a damn good one! I close my eyes, and know I am living my life to the absolute fullest, and its a dream come true. Forget the traveling, but to have the freedoms I have, to not be held back by anything!

Sigh. Thank you again for supporting. For reading my crazy adventures. For being there. You mean more to me than my words could EVER describe! Thank you!

Tristan Jonez.

Birthday Ali.

Dear Ali,

Happy Birthday King! Today you would’ve turned 35! Can you believe it? Thirteen years babe, you been away from me, and it feels almost like forever. I miss you. I miss you badly. You left me … and you promised me you never would. I’m sorry I couldn’t save you. I tried. I tried doing everything I could think of to help, to be there, to take the statements you was making serious. I tried. Lee, you still left me. I know you won’t believe me, but I’m not mad anymore. Only the occasional bouts of sadness, like today but I promise I am going to get all the tears out before I go to sleep…. then I’ll spend the rest of the day celebrating you. I keep your photo with me, its survived thirteen years, from NYC, to Baltimore, back to NYC, to Dallas and now to Chicago with me. In reality, you’re everywhere I am. Everywhere.

I thank you for sharing your light with me. For sharing your love. Your memory will forever live on with me Ali Sidney. I love you. I miss you. Happy Birthday Love.

I love you forever and ever, Always.