Closure is a farce! I hate to be the one to tell you, but it truly doesn’t exist. There will be nothing a person could ever really say, that will cause you to ‘understand’ where they were coming from, especially when their actions caused you harm. I promise you, its best to move forward, broke heart and all. Today, I had the opportunity to chat the last man I dated. He wanted to confirmation of his character as his ex girlfriend had opened his eyes to behavior that he didn’t realize he possess. At first I was hesitant, cuz what’s the point of this exercise. However I agreed with her analyst of him, and added a few things of my own.

What was weird to me, was he only regurgitated the negative I said, I let him know, in the version of him I met, he was a good guy but he was selfish, and failed to properly communicate, when it mattered most. He went on to tell me, he was doing some soul searching, trying to understand why he was the way he was. I told him, he has unresolved issues with his parents, which continues to impact the romantic relationships he chooses to involve himself in.

So people, stop writing these long ass paragraphs, trying to get a statement, or an emotion from the other person. When the feeling is longer felt, move forward. It’ll never be easy but it’ll be worth it!

Tristan J.


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