Whats On?

So Many Thoughts!

Well I’ve been busy doing nothing but watching a whole lotta television. Do we consider it watching tv even if you’re streaming from your laptop? Well, whatever, Let’s pretend.

I think last week I started HBOmax The Flight Attendant, In my defense I did read the book and it was a great read. My memory isn’t working at this second but I think I read it as a flight attendant, so yes, the book was better BUT the television series did not disappoint. Many characters were added, and roles were changed, but I will recommend. It is a show to watch. So Go and Watch!

I also finished House of Ho, which is also on HBOmax. Just picture it, an refugee family, who came to America with nothing, but with hard work, and possibly a few shady deals, rose to the top, and is now an extremely wealthy asian family. “What glitters isn’t always gold”, I think we’ll revisit this, AFTER you’ve had time to actually watch.

Tonight, I started watching Pine Gap, which is streamed on Netflix. Close your eyes, and picture this, someone is trying to sabotage America, from the inside of an intelligence agency, when tension is already high. Also, I think I gave the show a chance, partly due to actor Parker Sawyers. We (I) met him in Southside with you, but I fell for him in P-Valley, and I like the energy he brings to a roll.

What are yall watching? … Besides the shows I’ve recommended.

Tristan J


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