A lil about me …

I am the type of person who can and will turn any event, into an Event, and create an invitation for it as well. I’m also the girl who created holiday cards for myself! Turned it into a whole photoshoot during Thanksgiving, just cuz. So I mean, is it really any surprise that for Christmas, I created an invitation flyer for the Ugly Sweater Movie Party, my best friend and I are hosting? Also, is it weird, that even though we are the only two who will be participating, I’m still planning on emailing, and asking for an RSVP! Now, that I can agree is a bit extra.

Funny Funny, Folks do chat that Its totally unnecessary but I love looking back on events, with photos & invitations and remember all of the little things that made it what it was. Cuz Yall KNOW imma get my photos!

Do yall ever Create Invitations to Events that may not necessarily require one?

Tristan Jonez


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