The Wire S1E1

“The Target”

So I’ve decided to rewatch all the seasons of ‘The Wire’, yes that revolutionary television show, that captured The war on Drugs and Crime in Baltimore City. My City. Sidenote, Its a bit weird seeing what Baltimore used to be, knowing what it looks like today. But back to the show, its funny the episode is named Target, because in the first episode there are many. {Two targets, becomes victims.} However throughout the episode we see numerous, from the stripper trying to create a John out of Dee, to the white boy attempting to scam Wallace out of coke, to Detective McNulty targeting Avon Barksdale’s drug operation. Everyone is in it to gain something. The episode actually opens to a murder, the target turned victim being ‘snot’, who had robbed the weekly dice game, but was never denied entry, although it was known, once the pot got big enough, he would snatch and dash. But because this is ‘america’ he was always allowed to play, although, just like ‘america’ he played by his own rules.

If you haven’t watched, you get no trophy! Go watch the damn show!

Tristan Jonez.


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