Money Mula Pesos

“Money Cant buy Happiness”

But I’m chasing the access it affords you. WE all know that money, or anything can’t provide you with happiness, that can only be found within … However. Money DOES afford access! I like being able to purchase whatever I want. I like being able to afford things/services I define as luxury, without having to rob Peter to pay Paul. I used to, and sometime still am, be frugal with myself. With the things I wanted, but as I get older, I find that I’m willing to Pay for those things which makes my life easier. So I don’t always have the time to cook for work, so I outsource that task, when needed. I’m in the process of outsourcing my laundry services, because its just too hot to physically do laundry … and I don’t want to.

Tristan J.

Do you agree with the statement, ‘Money affords you access versus Happiness’?


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