You didn’t ask but I haven’t been sleeping well at all. Even with my melatonin, I just can’t sleep! My bed, shout out to my best friend, is comfortable as ever but I lay in it, lights turned off and I just cant sleep! Last night was Day Three of Operation No Sleep! Sigh.

So When I got up at 7am, I know, I was seeking something to assist me. Here comes Bath Time! Yes, at 8am, I cleaned my tub, and prepped for a bath. In my circle of friends, I am the bath Queen. No matter my mood, or what’s going on in the World around me, Its always a great time to take a bath. I made a lil bath cocktail (Ingredients layered to create a bath mood) and while I was in there, I focused on exfoliating my body. So scrub scrub scrub, with a pumice on my feet, and with a sugar body scrub for everything else. Can I tell y’all how relaxed, and chill I was? Listen! … If that bath date, self care routine doesn’t help me sleep, then shit I might be a lost cause.

Tristan Jonez.

What do yall use to help relax yall for bedtime?


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