Listen Up!

There’s no bigger pet peeve of mine than someone telling me about me! Nobody knows me better than I know myself. Of course, someone looking from the outside can observe and notice certain things, but you’ll never be able to tell me my wants or my needs. Im honest with myself about what I need from myself and from others, no denials or delusions over here.

Please keep in mind, opinions are not facts. So when folks get into their minds that you need to hear their opinions, Feel free to listen but take it with a grain of salt. Make sure your actions align with the vision you have for you life.

Tristan Jonez.


Day One in Portugal has been colorful!

Every single corner you turn there’s a new mural or graffiti to photograph. I’d like to think I’m a colourful girl, but I was in too many dark colors and needed a splash of color! The goal is to always become a local! Today was mostly about just Initially exploring the city. I didn’t have a destination in sight, so I was just allowing my feet to take me wherever, and in walking wherever, I walked almost six miles!

Let’s see what tomorrow’s adventure brings us.

Tristan J.

Three days

In just three days I’ll be turning thirty three! Honestly this year, I haven’t made an extremely big deal about my birthday like I’ve done in years past. I guess I’m excited, I’m over the shock of being in my thirties but this year, it’s been eh. My plans didn’t really come together until yesterday, and even with what I have planned, I’m not sure that’s really what I want to do. Where I really want to go.

This marks the fifth year I’ll be traveling for my birthday. My ‘new year’s’ have been spent in Barcelona, Milan, Germany, and last year, I pushed myself a created a tour of Italy! I can’t never tell you why I picked the country I did, but usually they pick me!

Tristan J

Safe Travels.

In Saint Louie

I’ve been a Nelly fan since I can remember! So when I got the opportunity to fly to STL, omg, I was elated! Unfortunately I researched where Nelly would be, but he was preforming the night prior in Vegas so I doubt I’d get the chance to run into him! Since I wouldn’t be seeing him, I did the next best thing, I explored the arch. The iconic Arch, I mean.

New New Mexico

Its been quite a while since I’ve been able to get to a museum, and the government shut down is NOT helping! So when I am able to get my ‘art fix’ I’ll do it anyway I can, even if that means arriving at the airport twenty minutes early! SideNote: For a flight attendant, twenty minutes early is a very big deal. This was my second time in Albuquerque, so I had scoped out some of the art work that is on display at the airport. Unfortunately It was late, after a long flight so I was ready to knock out but I was determined to see and capture some of the works on display.

Fast forward to the next afternoon, and success! All the art work displayed is from students in New Mexico!

Tristan Jonez

Love On, Love On.

It wasn’t until recently that I realized, I was doing myself a disservice. I was focusing more on those who wasn’t there for me, on those who wasn’t loving me correctly, on those who just wasn’t for me instead of the people who were doing everything right. In my case, I was trying to show and prove that they had made a mistake by counting me out. I was willing to do whatever to get them to pay attention to me, show me their love. Needless to say, I’m off that.

I’ve decided to love those who love me. The people who willingly volunteer their time and energy to me. I’m going to be down for those folks. We all know life is too short, we throughly know that! So let’s change how we choose to interact!

Tristan J.

Love Angeles.

I’ve been to Los Angeles more times than I can count, and I’ve only recently stumbled upon Venice Beach. I know, I know how does one ‘stumble’ but I did just that. Usually whenever I am passing thru LA, I go straight to Santa Monica Pier to partake in either Mexican food or hotdog on a stick, then make my way back to the hotel/airport. However it was such a beautiful day that I couldn’t stop myself when I kept walking towards Venice beach. I see now why everyone either bikes or skates because that forty minute walk was nothing to play with. FYI, While walking I lost my damn glasses!

Venice Beach isn’t what I was expecting, although I wasn’t really expecting anything. It reminded me of soho in NYC, with a bit of market street in San Francisco, and a double dose of free spirit galore. Since I was on a tight schedule I didn’t stop and look at all the art work that was displayed up and down the side of the boardwalk. But if you have the opportunity to visit, check out all the gems I missed out on. If you’re into street art, then Venice Beach is definitely the place for you. Any type of art really, there were ‘show time’ folks performing and an amazing skate (?) park, with plenty of bikers/skaters to catch the best tricks!

Tristan Jonez

Note: Seems as the airport is close enough that you are able to see aircrafts take off frequently, while enjoying the views of the beach.