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I know I have these moments of extensive quiet, where I don’t chat with guys, then boom, I’ll be back. Well this is one of those moments, where I am back … for now. Hmm […]

Bridgerton E1-5

It’s only fitting that my first post for 2021 be all about the Netflix Series Bridgerton. The scandal, the Romance, the miscommunication, the non communication! I had so much frustration watching this series, all I […]

When You

Cheers Again to 2021, May this year be filled with Everything Good. But I had a ‘shower thought’ minus the shower. I’m on the couch, about to lay down for the evening, nevermind it’s 605est, […]


I have accepted my writing fate at this time, because all I want to do is watch ‘television’ and write up my opinion, and then beg y’all to watch (indulge) with me. I KNOW sitting […]

I think we’ve talked about this plenty times before but only now am I feeling the conviction of it. Whatever ideas are on your mind, are on your heart, you need to follow thru. Just do it, and do it now. Figure out how to make it work, whatever it is. If that means, moving forward on a smaller scale, or a little at a time, make it happen. I know Life has been crazy, extra crazy this year but that is the reason why everything you have been thinking of pursuing should be pursued! EVERYTHING!

For Example, Y’all know I live for the museum even if I’ve been there a million times, I don’t care, I’ll still go to see the same and it’ll be like my first time. Well a few weeks ago, I flew in from Baltimore, landing in Chicago on a Monday morning, the same day the new exhibit from Bisa Butler at The Art Institute of Chicago debut. I told myself I would go on Tuesday, but that morning I decided to stay in the bed, instead of going to the museum by Tuesday Night Chicago had issued a closing of all the museums due to the rising numbers of Covid-19.

I say all that to say, Do it now!

Tristan Jonez.

What will you be doing now?