SZN Spooky

So Spooky Season is here! Well I’m late in writing as Spooky Season started October 1st. However lets not focus on the minor details … Ha! Well I’ve been watching scary movies, in the daytime of course, but its been a fun time. Granted I’ve watched movies I’ve seen before but in my defense, I’m easily scared, plus I live alone so there’s that. This year, I don’t have a list, I just scroll through the many many apps I have then I settle on a single or double feature.

Do yall have a tradition when it comes to the holidays? Specifically Halloween? Yes? Then Spill the Beans!



I have accepted my writing fate at this time, because all I want to do is watch ‘television’ and write up my opinion, and then beg y’all to watch (indulge) with me. I KNOW sitting in front of a screen, and watching hours of television isn’t the smartest choice, but we’re ALL making poor decisions. Judge Yourself! (laughing)

Also, I’m single, so you would think I would stay from romantic comedies, and dramas, but Nope! That’s all I can watch. I’m actually getting the feels from being so wrapped up in the characters! I blame the holidays, who knows what my excuse will be after they’re over.

Let’s just Enjoy Now!



A lil about me …

I am the type of person who can and will turn any event, into an Event, and create an invitation for it as well. I’m also the girl who created holiday cards for myself! Turned it into a whole photoshoot during Thanksgiving, just cuz. So I mean, is it really any surprise that for Christmas, I created an invitation flyer for the Ugly Sweater Movie Party, my best friend and I are hosting? Also, is it weird, that even though we are the only two who will be participating, I’m still planning on emailing, and asking for an RSVP! Now, that I can agree is a bit extra.

Funny Funny, Folks do chat that Its totally unnecessary but I love looking back on events, with photos & invitations and remember all of the little things that made it what it was. Cuz Yall KNOW imma get my photos!

Do yall ever Create Invitations to Events that may not necessarily require one?

Tristan Jonez

U. Falls

Listen.. Before Y’all say anything I KNOW this week, month, is supposed to be all about Christmas and the holiday season but In my defense I WAS looking for a Holiday Movie to Watch … and got distracted!

Have you heard of the television series on HULU called Uptopia Falls? Hulu’s Synopsis, ‘In a genre bending take on a coming of age story, a group of teens in a distant future colony uncover an ancient forbidden archive of historical, cultural and musical relics. This discovery forces them to question everything they’ve been taught, and use the power of music to ignite change in their reality to expose the truth.’

If you are someone who is into music, this is the show for you. Picture a “Fame” but the music, dancing and the ‘flow’ all comes from Music of Past, that you were never taught, but it somehow influences EVERYTHING! I watched episode 1 & 2, and y’all I want to stay up all night and watch the rest but I am going to pace myself. Also, I already took my melantonin for the evening.

Tristan Jonez.


I doubled checked the spelling of Caroling, because it definitely looks wrong but I was assured by Webster’s Dictionary, that its correct. Random but its part of a lyric from my absolute favorite Christmas Song EVER, Can you guess?

Nope! Thats not it. Wanna try again?

Sorry, wrong again!

My favorite song Is ‘This Christmas” By Donny Hathaway. When he sings I feel like he’s singing to me, while we dance in between putting up our Christmas Tree. Although I love Chris Brown’s version of this classic song. Do you have a favorite Holiday Song? Tell me, tell me!

Tristan J.