I have accepted my writing fate at this time, because all I want to do is watch ‘television’ and write up my opinion, and then beg y’all to watch (indulge) with me. I KNOW sitting in front of a screen, and watching hours of television isn’t the smartest choice, but we’re ALL making poor decisions. Judge Yourself! (laughing)

Also, I’m single, so you would think I would stay from romantic comedies, and dramas, but Nope! That’s all I can watch. I’m actually getting the feels from being so wrapped up in the characters! I blame the holidays, who knows what my excuse will be after they’re over.

Let’s just Enjoy Now!


November Rule (Reviewish)

For me to be so single, I sure picked a romantic movie to watch! 

So November Rule, directed by Mike Elliott, is a black indie film, that I loved! (FYI I’m not sure why Tyga is in the poster for the movie, he was featured for half a second!) Don’t let that discourage you! Sneaker heads will enjoy for the multiple rare shoe sightings! 

To sum up the movie, boy meets girl, boy likes girl, but breaks up with said girl as to not have to partake in any holiday events. Girl moves on with new boy but new boy is just as douchey as old boy. Old boy realizes he wants girl but girl no longer wants him. 

You’ll love it, I promise. Just go watch the film! It’s definitely Netflix & Chill worthy. 


SideNote: LaLa does a really good job in this movie, as well as Jay Ellis, however he came off moreso bipolar than asshole. 

Hitch (Reviewish)

Because I am a romantic sap, my favorite movie is Hitch. Well one of my favorites, there are movies that I could sit and watch every single day! When I watch Hitch, it just gives me hope that I can, too, find someone who meshes that well with me. For those wondering I am Casey in the film, I am that friend, that dates these losers, because I have hope that they will finally be my prince incredible. Possibly If I was more like Sarah, being such a ‘realist’ she limits the amount of hurt she subjects herself to, on the flip side, she also limits herself to the amount of happiness she could possible receive too.

SideNote: I always gush over Sarah’s apartment in Soho! That place, with its bay windows, are the stuff we romantic saps dream of! Hitch’s apartment is the maker of tears, but Sarah’s has a vintage feel to it.

Double SideNote: Sarah and Casey meet up at Rice to Riches in Soho after the horrible date, where Sarah is kicked in her head. Well I absolutely Love that dessert eatery. Let’s plan a date there soon, K?

The only part in the film that makes me roll my eyes EVERY SINGLE TIME, when Hitch goes to the yacht to speak to Allegra Cole, and she lists all the things that Albert does that makes her fall for him, and they are ALL the things Hitch told him not to do, she then says, “Well what did you do?” Hitch Replies, “Nothing” Well thats a damn Lie! He created the boarding meeting outburst that allowed you (Allegra) to actually pay attention to Albert. He also was able to get the tickets to the Sky Studio Fashion Show, for you (Allegra) and your best friend to be heard about your ideas of how you should invest in Maggie’s company, So I would say Hitch did a hell of a lot, and he deserves ALL praises that I hope you gave him! What he did do!? The nerve!

If you have yet to see Hitch, first shame on you, second Go see it today, NOW!

Tristan Jonez.