Yall know, or should know how I feel about birthdays. Well today is my bestest best friend’s Jeff birthday. 36! Its crazy when you’ve been friends with someone for half of your life! Time flies, especially when you are having the time of your life!

Jeff, May this trip around the Sun be filled with an abundance of Love, Sunshine & Adventure! I sending all of the Everything to you, and I know this year will be the year of Leveling up … And Touching that Million Dollars. You’ll See.

Always, T.

State to State

It’s the Birthday Boy!

This Weeks Edition of State to State is brought to you by the City of NY. I was/am here to celebrate my nephews Eight Birthday on October 4th, and babyyy, we had such a great time! It’s always an experience when you put five different personalities together, but there wasn’t an argument in sight! I flew in from Chicago the morning of, then an aircraft, train and bus ride later, Shorty was in Harlem, ready to slide up to somebody’s brunch, but I stayed focused.

First up, bowling … which I’m not as good as I would’ve loved to be. Shit, I was using the wrong fingers to hold the bowling ball so there’s that. Fun Fact; I’ve been bowling twice ever in life!

Next, a private party for my nephew which included confetti cake and mini carrot cake cupcakes. He was surprised by our cousins, who came through. Such a super fun time, and the birthday boy throughly enjoyed himself!

Tristan Jonez