Yall know, or should know how I feel about birthdays. Well today is my bestest best friend’s Jeff birthday. 36! Its crazy when you’ve been friends with someone for half of your life! Time flies, especially when you are having the time of your life!

Jeff, May this trip around the Sun be filled with an abundance of Love, Sunshine & Adventure! I sending all of the Everything to you, and I know this year will be the year of Leveling up … And Touching that Million Dollars. You’ll See.

Always, T.

Bumble Bees.

I can remember when online dating was such a taboo, when you had to lie about where and how you met the person because online dating was such a no no. I’ve been online dating and meeting folks for what seems like forever, definitely before it was on trend. At this point, I feel as if I’ve tested out every option, damn there every app. Currently I was testing out the app Bumble, and this was after vowing to not attempt to date from online. I do appreciate the two other bumble options which are Bumble BFF and Bumble Biz, as I’ve ‘meet’ some interesting people. The catch with Bumble, it’s the female who initiates the interaction after both parties have swiped right on each other signifying they are interested. My only grip with that, is I’ve found that men are not interested enough in me to hold a conversation, after they’ve ‘connected’ with me. Personally, I do like when a man approaches me, cuz then I knew he is somewhat interested.

However I think I am going to delete Bumble, or possibly just keep it and use it as a tool to meet new BFF’s. Either way, dating isn’t for me anymore.

Tristan Jonez.

Beauty Related. 

I’ve searched high and low for a nude that would compliment my chocolate brown skin, and after plenty of trials and errors I’ve finally found it! NYX’s brand is one of my absolute favorites currently. I’ve always appreciated the lip glosses because it gives me not only a dose of Shine, it’s so very pigmented. I’ve blended Praline and Beyond Basic, which is their new slip tease full color lip oil. Because I am a chocolate cutie, I find that I don’t need much Beyond Basic. I first use Praline as a base coat of sorts, then  I dab about three dots on my bottom lip and I blend my lips together then Voila! Magic is created! Also in this look I use my NYX’s bright idea illuminating stick in Sun Kissed Crush on my Cupid’s bow.

Tell me what to think? Simple but Chic!


Well Are you? 

I’ve learned, especially this current year that I offer all my biggest blessings to my friends, if in need. I believe that as a friend I’m supposed to be there when my friends are in need. It surprised me to find out that there are friends out there that are not extending their biggest blessings. 

And if you found out someone wasn’t offering you their biggest blessing can they really be considered a friend? Sorry but they cannot. Take this as an example, this week you just don’t have enough money to buy yourself groceries. As a friend if I know this, and I do not volunteer to help with either the buying of groceries, or cooking for you or even giving you what I have in my fridge, whatever I can do for you. No way am I saying you should put yourself in the hole BUT if you aren’t offering your BIGGEST blessing then what are you offering? 

And the biggest blessings doesn’t have to be monetary. I have a friend whom I love dearly, and for me the biggest blessing he’s blessed me with has been his amazing listening ear, providing his time for ‘advice time’ and his unwavering loyalty. I’ve learned who my friends are just by their actions, don’t bind yourself to someone who isn’t tipping the scale equal. I honestly believe if you receive a blessing, it’s not yours to keep forever tucked away in your pocket. Be a true blessing to someone else and offer your biggest blessing. 

Tristan J


I had a best friend once.

I thought we would be tight forever. Instead of having a maid of honor, he would be my best man. Never a secret, everything was laid on the line, cuz secrets couldn’t exist between my best friend and I. A sense of sereneity, because trusting someone with your whole entire heart is no easy feat but once its done, its the most bliss you can experience.

Then he falls in love, and you don’t.

And because you don’t fall in love, he begins to resent you. Soon enough, its only silence, on both ends. Whoever said love doesnt complicate life, lied. You even make an attempt to reciprocate those feelings, but even more resentment, cuz its not genuine. Eventually, there’s no hello. No more peace, just a girl wishing she had her best friend back.

I’ll always miss you J.

Tristan Jonez.