I had a best friend once.

I thought we would be tight forever. Instead of having a maid of honor, he would be my best man. Never a secret, everything was laid on the line, cuz secrets couldn’t exist between my best friend and I. A sense of sereneity, because trusting someone with your whole entire heart is no easy feat but once its done, its the most bliss you can experience.

Then he falls in love, and you don’t.

And because you don’t fall in love, he begins to resent you. Soon enough, its only silence, on both ends. Whoever said love doesnt complicate life, lied. You even make an attempt to reciprocate those feelings, but even more resentment, cuz its not genuine. Eventually, there’s no hello. No more peace, just a girl wishing she had her best friend back.

I’ll always miss you J.

Tristan Jonez.