Guess what?! I went on a date! I know I know. Crazy huh? Its been such a while that I’ve been on an actual date… you know the one where a man asks you out, checks your availability, makes plans in advance.. picks you up AND drops you off. Like I didn’t know men still did, well American men. Shit, its been a while since I’ve held a conversation with a man who seems to be able to hold, and steer one. A man who can make you laugh, is worth his weight in gold. The date restored a bit of my faith in people.

Tristan J.

Oh … and he wants to see me again.

Lets Eat.

Do you have a certain meal, or food, you ALWAYS order when you go out?

Well I do, and its always seafood, specifically salmon. I want to believe I am adventurous when it comes to meals and what I am willing to try. However I can admit, Salmon is just that ‘thing’ my eye always look for when out. One of my favorite restaurants in New York is Clyde Frazier’s Wine & Dine. Not only is it a semi upscale sport bar, but there is a half basketball court, where you can perfect your jump shot. The food is absolutely divine! My go to meal is the blackened Scottish salmon with bourbon butter spinach and garlic mashed potatoes, with a glass of white wine. The salmon is so delish, that it melts in your mouth! I usually can’t squeeze in dessert but when YOU go please make room for the ricotta donuts!

For me, this is the perfect date night spot, whether its a first date or you’re a couple that’s looking to try a new place. If you are single, fret not for the bar area, is incredible! AND Clyde Frazier’s has a nice line up for happy hour. Hopefully I will catch you there one of these days, don’t ever be too shy to say hey!

Tristan Jonez.

SideNote: I’m horrible at taking photos at restaurants, so use your imagination! I promise I’ll do better.

First Date Blues

If you do not pay for first date, that will be our last date. Call me whatever name you’d like but I’m not here for it. I have absolutely NO problem paying any date thereafter, and happily but I refuse to pay for the first date. If you do not have the money, then your ass should not be dating. Well you shouldnt be dating me.

Be a gentleman. Open my door, stay on the curb side of the sidewalk, stand when I excuse myself from the table. Where have all the gentlemen gone, and why am I not meeting any of them. If we are just hanging out then I do not expect you to pay for anything I order, we can even go dutch if that make you comfortable.

Just be advised the rules slightly changed when it goes from hanging out to dating.