Run the World S1E4

If you cheat, do you believe you are obligated to be honest with your significant other? For me, cheating is a dealbreaker, I will NOT stay. I am NOT staying. I understand, we are human and things happen, but I also have the choice to choose to not stay. Whether pissy drunk, you are still putting yourself in a situation to cheat. I remember, my boyfriend at the time cheated on me, he rationalized it by saying, he didn’t really cheat, because he didn’t fully take his clothes off. Like whet? Sir, Stop!

I do agree, telling the other person to clear your conscience, is just for you. Nah, you don’t get to hurt the person you love by being honest. Have you ever cheated? Been cheated on?

T. Jonez.

Run The World S1E3

Anderson. Anderson aka Satan.

Some Men do not deserve second chances. Hell, at times they don’t deserve the first chance they were given. Its too early to tell If Anderson deserves a second chance, or If he even wants one. At this point, his presence is known, but he intentions are not. So I don’t even want to get my hopes up. Especially since he was back in Harlem, and didn’t send Ella a message. I could get how he wanted to do it in person, but was he just planning on running into her on the street? Make it make sense. I’ll say, I do like how he ‘saved’ the evening, the way to a womans heart, is definitely by feeding her.

So we’ll see! Are you Watching?

Tristan Jonez.

Run The World S1E2


Have you ever had sex with someone white? on this episode, I won’t spoil it, but El was having sex with a white man. Something that was a first time thing, Black Love is her pairing of choice. However not wanting to waste the ‘drunk’ brunch vibes, she went home with the bartender, who was white. As free as I am, I’ve never actually had sex with a white man. In college I dated a few but I shared nothing more than a kiss with them. There was one, that I dated for quite some time, from Boston, with racist parents … yeah he fit the mold, but it never got to that point. Now as an adult, I usually date black men, I’m not sure if I would seriously date a white man now. However if the opportunity ever presented itself, Maybe I would.

Tristan Jonez.

Run the World

So, becuase I am not watching enough television series, I added the Starz series, “Run the World”, which is a series, according to Wikipedia, about a group of friends, navigating relationships and the professional World. Its set in Harlem, and yall know I’m a sucker for On location sets. Being a black woman, its always love to see women who look like you, living they best damn lives! Although my life looks a lil different than it did when I lived In Washington Heights, and would be out with my friends until the wee hours of the morning, its nice to be able to tune in and relive that feeling.

In every friend, I see parts of myself, and I’ve also have been in the situation(ships) displayed on the show. I throughly enjoyed episode one, Now time to binge the rest. We’ll chat.

Tristan Jonez.

Piece Of Velvet

When something is good, I will praise it from the mountain tops. I will be their public relation guru, making sure I let everyone know all about the goodness I recieved. However when something is not deserving of praise, when something is deserving of critique, I am here to administer that as well.

So, I was planning and hosting a gender reveal party for a coworker turned close friend. With this being her first child I wanted to make sure I did an amazing job, from decorations to the balloons, to the guest list, so obviously the cupcakes chosen was going to be a big deal. The sweets was the focal point, so not having any cupcakes would be very noticable. I could have spent my money ANYWHERE, but I choose to go with Piece of Velvet, as the product itself is quite tasty. I placed my order six days (!!) prior to the event so I would be assured it would be ready to go for Thursday December 21. So you can imagine my surprise when my order was not ready upon picking it up, hell it wasn’t even in the Harlem location.

12:40 Arrived at Piece of Velvet in Harlem, to which the Counter Rep, Keisha advised there was no order ready for me, and it would not be there until 2pm.

1:45 I return back to the Harlem location, Waiting patiently for 2pm.

2:15 I question the Counter Rep, was the delievery, going to be coming soon? Was Advised, the van has left Bklyn, and would be here, but did not have a solid time of arrival.

3:40 Van still not arrived, Still no time of arrival. I asked where specifically was the van currently, Keisha advised, she was told they were on their way.

4:15 Van Arrives at the Bklyn store, Advised by Counter Rep Keisha the van would be at the Harlem Location in twenty minutes.

5:00 Offered beverage, since I had been in the store for now, over four hours.

5:45 Van arrives, advised my order was not with the arrival of products. Driver suggested it may have gone to the Bklyn Store. Counter rep Keisha makes several calls, was advised my original order was ‘messed up’ by a driver, and a new batch of cupcakes were being created.

5:50 Driver takes my number, and advises he will bring my order to Laguardia Airport as a courtesy.

So At this point, I am frustrated, furious and just plain ole angry, that there has been no communication. Especially when the order was placed in advanced. I head to work with the thought that eventually what I ordered will be delivered to me. So imagine my utter surprise when I call the driver, and he tells me he doesn’t know where the cupcakes are, and that there is so much traffic. Its embarrassing that as a company, this is what you do? This is how you handle discrepancies with customers? I was as respectful and polite as a person could be. There was no manager, no owner, nothing. Granted the Yelp Reviews are in shambles, but I never had an issue with them, I also have never made a custom order. I know better for next time, but I felt it my duty to warn you guys. Be careful with whom you decided to spend with, some folks could care less about customer service.

With Love,

Tristan Jonez.


Showtime Apollo!

Recently I had the pleasure of attending a show at the Worlds’s Famous Apollo Theatre in Harlem! Can I first, just tell you guys how it felt to be in a place where so many great and talented artist have gotten their start? Like I was in awe of where I was, but the moment was not lost on me. I was fully in that moment, as I could have been. I can’t tell you how many times, I was up late night trying to watch amateur night, awaiting the acts that move on to the next round. OMG! I was at the Apollo Theatre! Although I have no bucket list, If I did, I just crossed one more thing off. Again, I have to thank my coworker turned friend, Chinoah, for the opportunity to see a global monument! (It is to me)

Secondly, Can I tell you how bad I felt to boo someone? It was horrid, cuz we are all so conditioned to believe everyone deserves an E for effort, but that is definitely not the Apollo Way! If you are not popping off, by those first few chords, then your ass is going to get boo’d. I want to believe that everyone knows this is a possibility, even if YOU believe you are the best singer that has ever lived. However sitting in the front row, the ones who were boo’d, I don’t think they even thought of that happening. I’ll admit, I got into the spirit of the Apollo, and I boo’d someone, Hell I even stood up and boo’d them! I know this type of behavior isn’t accepted anywhere, but at the Apollo its your duty to do what you have to… and I HAD to!

Of Course I forget to ask when the episode would air because I was just so caught up in making sure I was present in that moment. What I do know, It will be airing on primetime on FOX. So look out for me, I’ll be coming to your television screen very soon.

Tristan Jonez.

Angel Of Harlem

I’m all about food.

If you follow me on Instagram then you know I love Angel of Harlem. I try my best not to frequent it as often as I do but I love it. They have one of the best sangria’s Ive tasted as of late, the white sangria. It has the perfect blend of fruit and wine. I first experienced Angel of Harlem as my sistergirl was celebrating her birthday, with a dinner party. A good time was had by all! Angel of Harlem is one of those places, where grabbing a drink turns into a full fledge party. The Dj is always on point, the next time I go, I will make it my business to find out who is on the turn tables.

The main attraction, according to me is the Salmon. As per the menu it is a pecan crusted salmon on top of roasted Brussels sprouts, rum cranberries with a ginger thyme aioli, basically heaven on your plate then in your mouth. Literally perfection. Angel of Harlem’s Salmon is in my top three. I’m not sure if I would recommend it as a first date night restaurant, only because its super loud but its a fourth date kinda gig.

The vibe is crazy. Its the perfect place to either vibe out or get turnt. Angel of Harlem is a host to plenty of themed nights, so be sure to check their instagram page before you make plans. I partial went to two of their events, one was game night, and the other was a singles mixer. Single Ladies, the men were looking very dapper, very put together. I was impressed with the selection of chocolate that was around, men in suits just coming from work, and men in street wear coming from the gym. Men, the women was there looking very sexy, and well put together. There’s something for everyone. Come Meet me in Harlem soon.

Angel of Harlem, 2272 Frederick Douglass Blvd NY NY 10029