#TBT / #FBF 

I was going through a few of my old photos from as far as ten years ago and it definitely made me smile to see how much I’ve changed over the years. 

When I look at this girl, I see such a carefree, spirited person who had the World at her feet. I was still learning about myself and what I needed from myself. This Tristan, lived life as if the next day wasn’t promised. 

This Tristan J is a woman who knows when to be soft, and allow someone else to take the lead, but she’s independent enough to make whatever moves are necessary for survival, she’ll be victorious. She’s still a spirited opinionated woman who won’t hesitate to let you know when you’ve fuked up but she’ll help pick you back up. 
When you look at your old photos, what do you see? 

Jonez baby! 


So I went to my first Music and Arts Festival, and I loved every minute!! 

SideNote: I wonder how they decide who’ll perform, the order and the length of their set. It was a good flow to the schedule. 

At first my only reason for attending was to sample and eat as much food as I could get my hands on. Of the three day festival, I could only get Saturday off from work, but getting to see Tory Lanez in person was the icing. So much energy! I’ll forever respect him. LL Cool J has had hits that I definitely rock with but not enough for me to see him in person, well he brought out Q-Tip, and I nearly lost my mind!! I opted not to see Future, and saw Big Gigantic. Didn’t know them before but I throughly enjoyed their set. They did a EDM collab with Biggie Smalls, so how could I not love them? 

However I’m highly upset I missed Big Boi’s set. I had a killer migraine that morning, and just couldn’t get it to settle down quickly enough. I experienced Erykah Badu, but felt she was too regal to record. The food and drink option was plentiful, and I left feeling full and fulfilled. 

This was the second year of The Meadows and I will surely be attending next year, all three days! Have you guys ever been? 

Tristan J 

Married? Eh. 

For whatever reason, I’m not safe from married men. I would never ever date a married man, cuz karma would seriously hurt me. It’s not worth the problems you will have! As much as dating can be a pain, dating someone who is already committed to another just isn’t the move. I promise you! I’m honestly not sure what vibes I’m giving off to make married men even feel they are allowed to interrupt my space. 

SideNote: I’m semi questioning if I want to get married, since lately married folk can’t stay out my inbox. What’s the point of dedicating your love to someone if you’re going to look into have your sexual needs fulfilled elsewhere beside your partner? 


The Powerful Tool.

Our mind is the most powerful tool we have, please utilize it! Manifestation is as real as the air we breathe, as real as the water we drink, as real as the God you believe in.

For the past few days, I’ve been thinking about someone I knew when I was seventeen. I visualized his face, I heard his voice in my head, I pictured him in front of me. I didn’t say his name out loud to anyone, and after that moment I continued on with my day. You know business as usual. Well tonight I received a message from said someone. Although I whole heartily believe in my thoughts being able to manifest ANYTHING I can think of, my thoughts have never taken shape as quickly as it did in this instance.

If I was ever looking for one, that was my sign. The sign that told me, Tristan, you got this! Everything you are trying to accomplish, you most definitely will kill that shit. The only requirement is to believe that you CAN kill it, believe that its already yours and it is. All it takes is one moment, to know you are on the right path, even when your ass is in the bushes on the other side of the street. Get your self up, and go to where you need to be!

Tristan Jonez.


I was called Perfect. I was called Perfection.

Obviously I am far from perfect, but in someone’s eyes Im ‘It’, the epitome of what we all (most) aspire to be; perfect. I definitely took pleasure in his words. It feels good when a friend, lover, stranger, human being (whatever title) can acknowledge you or your talent! It’s an amazing thing, when someone can see way passed your flaws and still see you for who you are. Amazing things happen when you open yourself up to folks, as scary as that can be. What’s equally amazing is what can happen when you have someone in your corner rooting for you. That isn’t shy about letting you know they are cheering you on from the sidelines.

KK I appreciate our conversation last night, it definitely has my creative juices flowing this early morning. Continue to try, and everything will work in your favor. I promise.



I created a vision board once, and I’ll never make another again. For me, it doesn’t work. I do not need a constant visual reminder of my goals, that’s what my brain is for. I’d rather have an accountability partner, someone who takes on my goals as their own. I am not looking for someone to do the work for me, but someone who is as creative as I am, someone who wants to see me succeed as much I do. It’s funny I am an accountability partner to a few without even trying. There’s nothing more that I want for you, but to see you reach the goals you’ve set for yourself.

How do you go about finding an accountability partner? I want to believe those are your friends, your go to girls/boys. But what do you do if you don’t have those types of friendships with anyone? My advice, use social media to your advantage. I’ll write more on this later. But for now, write down the areas you would like to have an accountability partner, like fitness, healthy, making more money, etc and assign the folks you do know to helping you reach your maximum peak.

Tristan J.

How to.

If I’m ever in need of inspiration, How to make it in America, is my go to show! It is the epitome of hustling to follow your dream, and making mistakes every single step of the way. But that’s what I love about the show. It validates that your dreams are real, and you better hustle like hell to make them come true, and even when you hustle, you can still fail. The best thing about the show, Is Cam and Ben have one another. Granted in your real life you may be going at this alone, but I encourage you to find a squad/tribe that you can unpack/vent to. I’m out here trying to make the best of what I have, but Im still looking and meeting folks that will be my squad.

Do I expect everyone I meet to be apart of my vision… No. But I do expect to have those interactions either be a lesson or a blessing, either way it will be beneficial for me. I definitely out here hustling for the vision I see for myself, cuz when its my time to go, this chick will have NO REGRETS!

What do you do when your inspiration is low? How do/did you find your squad?


Tristan J.