Raising Victor

One of my absolute favorite movies, is ‘Raising Victor Vargas’, which is currently playing on Netflix. I’d call it a coming of age in which we follow the main character Victor Vargas in his pursuit to ‘claim’ Judy, the diamond of the neighborhood, however Judy has her own motives for ‘allowing’ the pursuit. I took a film class in high School, and this was one of the movies we analyzed. From first watch, I loved it! I even spent time in the LES (Lower East Side), and I have to attribute my love for the area to first being introduced by Raising Victor Vargas.

Have yall watched? If not, here is the sign to do so. Also, Been to the LES? Well, maybe we’ll have adventure time there, next time?

Tristan Jonez.


One of my absolute favorite seafood restaurant in New York! A fan (Me) favorite, especially amongst folks that are looking to have a romantic date night. However I must warn you, it’s VERY easy to get tipsy way before you even put your order in for dinner as the happy hour rivals most I’ve been to. I usually start off with their signature adult Capri suns, that goes pretty nicely with my grilled oysters. They’re sprinkled with butter and parmigiana cheese, Drool worthy! 

I can’t come to Clawdaddy’s and not order a seafood boil of Crab Legs and shrimp, which topped off with Cajun spices, Corn and potatoes makes coming to the LES (Lower East Side) truly worth it. 

Tristan J. 

185 Orchard Str NY