There is only one you, and that is a disadvantage and an advantage in itself.

I am what I would like in return. Reread that, I am what I would like in return. Hands down, I would love to be my own friend. Someone is always telling us to take inventory of our lives, of the folks in our lives, that everyone doesn’t deserve a front seat, and etc, while I do agree with all of that, I think we need to first look at ourselves. Ask ourselves the hard questions, and answer them with honesty. We all have the ability to fool the outside world, but you can only lie to yourself for so long. Eventually you’ll lose your damn mind. This girl here doesn’t like loosing, so I’m honest with myself and others.

There is only one you, and that is an advantage and disadvantage in itself.

Trust in yourself. We continuously make bad decisions, but know that your ability to correct those mistakes make you you. Be who you are, and try not to let the sins of the World change you.


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