Sleepless (Review)

I’m not sure I can give a review of a movie without giving everything away.

I just finished watching Sleepless, starring Jamie Foxx and Michelle Monaghan, and I’ll be the first to say I was pleasantly surprised. I don’t believe adequate press was done for this movie. I remember possibly seeing a trailer once, but nothing after. I dont even recall seeing a movie poster, where were the ads? Where were the publicity? A friend once told me, when movies come out in January, they are usually trash! Well LOW AND BEHOLD, Sleepless was/is a hit! I really enjoyed this movie! Jamie Foxx was captivating!

Spoiler Alert. Spoiler Alert. Spoiler Alert.

In the beginning, I already had Vin Downs (Jamie Foxx) pegged as a crocked cop, because its hard to be on the straight and narrow while being police in Las Vegas, Lets be real. In the opening of the movie, Vin and his partner Cass (T.I) are on a high speed chase which ultimately ends with a few folks dead, and the cops taking cocaine. I just knew this movie would be about dirty cops pulling a juke (robbery) having the main character’s son held as bait, basically just like all the other movies we have seen thus far. Actually Vin turns out to be a undercover cop, who has sacrificed two years, plus his relationship with his wife and son, to bring down an organized crime family down. However we as the viewer doesnt realized how far up the ladder the corruption goes, until the very end. Because of the way, the movie ended I DO NOT want a sequel to be created unless it can be as equally good, as the first. And since Hollywood usually doesnt have success with the second as much as the first, well lets just say I’m really hoping they choose to leave us on a cliff hanger (sort of)

I just took a break from writing this to read the reviews on IMDB.COM, and they are really bad. Yikes! Granted I didn’t have any expectations for this film, and I also prejudged after the first twenty minutes, but damn! There are really some harsh critics out there. Fortunately this is MY review, and I say, you should go see this film. It recently just went to disc, so get the popcorn, candy and turn it into a movie night.

Tristan Jonez.



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