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Now that I am a fan of lip colors, You cannot keep me away from a good red. Recently I’ve sampled Avenue from Colourpop Cosmetics, and its definitely love! In the sun, and on my shade of chocolate, it comes as a blend of red orange, but it pops. I’ve become fond of blessing my Cupid’s bow with a highlight, usually from NYX cosmetics. The specific shade I am wearing is Pinkie Dust, which is a golden rose highlight.


Tristan J.

Beauty Related. 

I’m always down for ANY shade of purple. It’s Matte? Even better! I had fun with NYX Ruthless, it goes on smoothly but beware if you have a heavy hand, as with a few swipes you’ll put too much in your lips. It’s very creamy, and surprisingly light, extremely pigmented as NYX Cosmetics products usually are.

This possibly can be used as a transition color from late summer into fall. But if you’re anything like me, it’ll be a colour you’ll wear all year round.


Beauty Related. 

Any Shade of purple is my go to. No, All shades of purple are my go to. There’s just something about purple that makes it a color that stands out on brown skin. Marvelous! I’m wearing NYX in Strawberry Parfait and Berry strudel, surprisingly they are both *Only* lip glosses! With NYX you can be assured that your lip colour will always be pigmented.

Less is always more with NYX Cosmetics.

Tristan J

Beauty Related. 

I’ve searched high and low for a nude that would compliment my chocolate brown skin, and after plenty of trials and errors I’ve finally found it! NYX’s brand is one of my absolute favorites currently. I’ve always appreciated the lip glosses because it gives me not only a dose of Shine, it’s so very pigmented. I’ve blended Praline and Beyond Basic, which is their new slip tease full color lip oil. Because I am a chocolate cutie, I find that I don’t need much Beyond Basic. I first use Praline as a base coat of sorts, then  I dab about three dots on my bottom lip and I blend my lips together then Voila! Magic is created! Also in this look I use my NYX’s bright idea illuminating stick in Sun Kissed Crush on my Cupid’s bow.

Tell me what to think? Simple but Chic!

Beauty Related. 

I love Makeup! Specifically I love lip colours! I believe my first colour as an adult was NYX Transylvania, it’s this deep plum that has folks complimenting me left and right whenever I wear it! As much as I love colour, sometimes it’s hard to get an accurate depiction of what the color will look like on my skin color, and in natural light. So… since I’m going to wear the colours anyway, I figured I would become a “beauty blogger” and capture the shades while on my way to work, in natural light, using a bright orange backdrop, because why not?!

So I present my first installment. Love it!

This is ColourPop’s Collaboration with ILUVSARAHII, the color is Mamacita and I’m in love. It’s a matte formula but it’s perfect for the fall going into the winter season. I also used NYX’s Bright Idea Illuminating Stick in Sun Kissed Crush on my Cupid’s bow.

Tristan J

Baked By Carrie

Have you ever been so proud of someone, that your heart felt like it would burst? Can I tell you about my friend, and make up artist Baked by Carrie? Carrie is one of the sweetest but silliest human beings, I’ve come across in my life! I don’t think I’ve ever had a conversation with her that didn’t have at least ten minutes of straight laughter. I could be going thru, the worst moment, and Carrie will find a way to make a joke out of it. Not only is a she a professional artist, but her talents extend to photography, and a touch of videography. Recently she entered the NYX Face Awards, with her version of an Egyptian goddess, first I was blown away! I got a sneak peak at her projected ‘face’ but that was just a rough draft, so be able to see the full finished project! MY GOD!

Carrie blew it out of the water! From the first frame, it was like pow! I’m a damn Egyptian goddess, not only will you respect me, you will bow down and kiss my damn feet. I watched the video entry, feeling like a proud momma, watching her baby take her first steps. I’ve seen the progress from beginner to where she is now, and I’m blown away. I know for sure she is going to take her artistry as far as she’d like it to go. Unfortunately she did not move on to the next round of the Awards, BUT she killed it!

Be Sure to check her out on Youtube as Baked by Carrie. Trust me, she’s worth the Watch!

Tristan Jonez.