I’m not sure why you’ve stopped answering my calls, or even making any of your own. I can’t remember the last time you’ve asked how I’m doing, or inquired about my new position at work. I do however remember you telling me I need to get over how I was feeling, that you are who you are, and nothing was going to change. I know that I’ve become the parent, and I had to check on you because the roles had reversed. I accepted that responsibility, but it also left no room for me to seek advice from you, as the only response I would receive would be nonsense. You always made it a point to ask about when I would be having children, but never wanted to inquire about how my social life was going. Do you have grandchildren money? I doubt it, so I will have children at my own pace, just like I’ve done in other areas of my Life.

I’m baffled, honestly.

I’m elated that you have two god children, you were granted a do-over of sorts. So this time around do everything opposite. Be there more, Listen more, Participate more, be the shining example because you have these two little impressionable minds that are looking to you as a role model. Be that Example I know you can be. Love you forever.

Tristan Jonez.


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