Hotel Meeting.

Are men inviting women on first dates to hotel rooms now? Or is that just me? I kid you not, this man (boy) really invited me to be hugged up in a hotel room, watching netflix! Do I even look like I would go for that shit? Well I guess so, if he even presented that as an option. Now would my answer be different if it was a five star hotel, and he was offering spa services in addition to Netflix? Well probably not BUT I would first think it over before I declined. I’m wondering where do men find the balls to make such request when they’ve done nothing that would warrant a yes in response! Conversation doesn’t equal me, loosing my damn mind, and allowing you to get the panties! On who does this tactic work for?

I get it, the winter is definitely coming butI’ll be damn if I spend my fall/winter cuffing season with men who can barely muster enough brain cells to create an imagination. Nah homie, I’d rather be single. IF a warm body, is ever needed, it won’t be you!

Tristan J.



  1. As a “first date” period, 5 star hotel, spa treatment, red carpet for you, car service picking you up or a hourly hotel …it’s the same thing. It’s still putting you in a position to be alone, to have sex. Now if that’s not what your looking, negative, if sex is on the menu as far as all you want .. cool. I agree it’s tasteless. If there was no conversation that lead him to believe it’s a green light to even mention this, he’s crazy. NEXT!


    1. I agree, that a hotel, no matter the star rating isn’t an acceptable first date. The conversation prior to dude suggesting that was me asking, if he had figured out the plan for our first date which was to be today.


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