Intro to Fall

I recently put together a floral arrangement, well two as an introduction into fall. When I went looking for flowers, Halloween, especially was on my mind. I was actually looking for any dahlias, or even dark tulips but there was only summer colors avail. As a general rule of thumb, I stay away from Roses, just because roses can over or underwhelm an arrangement. Mums are my go to, because they do well, with limited sun, and are fully displayed.

Tristan J.

PS. I think these are one of my favorite arrangements.


I know I have been slacking, I don’t think I’ve ever shared with y’all the floral arrangements I create. I can’t even remember how it started, how did I get the idea to create floral arrangements for myself but I did. Hashtag I Deserve. I think I got tired of waiting on someone to get me the things I wanted, the things I deserved, so I got them for myself. For a few weeks now, I create two arrangements at a time. When I walk into trader Joe’s I really have no clue what I’m going to create. It just depends on what’s in stock that day. AND if it’s a holiday, its usually an overload of roses. Lately I have tried staying away from roses, unsuccessfully. This week we are playing with tulips!

Tristan J.

SideNote, I am excited to work with Sunflowers & Eucalyptus!

Flowering Flowers

Have I told ya I be out here putting together floral arrangements? Well Have a seat, and let me put yall up on game. I can’t remember with what day or arrangement it started with. Lets just say Valentines day. I remember the roses I put together but I cant remember much else. Luckily for you, and me if I’m being honest, I took photos! Shout Out to Trader Joe’s, If you go early in the day, there’s usually a nice selection of random flowers they put together. Depending on what flowers are talking to me, I spend no more than 15$, but I don’t buy flowers every week. When my current bouquet is dead, and I mean dead dead, then I prepare to buy a new set.

I brought tulips, to celebrate the first days of Spring, but even with a delay getting them cut and into water, they last such a long time, a few weeks. And I captured them in the dying process, up until the very last day, they were such beauties. Theres just something about fresh flowers that make you a bit happier with the day.


Rose Garden

Ive always been a lover of nature, there was a time when I thought I was a photographer for Nat Geo. I would be like there’s a spider, well let me take out my camera and capture it. Ha! I was like alright, pose, let me see you, twirl, stop, move there, etc. I know the insect would be like this fool is crazy, let me scurry on out of the way. I do the very same when I find flowers. I HAVE to take the time to adore, and show my appreciation for them blooming as they have.

While in Portland, Oregon, I went to the International Rose Test Garden, where they actually work to create new types of roses. I am a bad blogger, cuz I took the time to write NOTHING down, but in my defense, I took incredible photos. Surprisingly you are able to walk in the grass, of the garden, and have photoshoots and picnics, while taking beautiful photos. Do you have a favorite color rose? Mine is anything with touches of purples.

Tristan Jonez

Flower Power

In my next trick, I will be a floral photographer. I’m always super excited when the light hits a flower just right, when I have company, a bee/an insect, who is admiring the art just as I am, or just after it’s rained and the beads of water have yet to fall. San Jose doesn’t owe me a thing! Every single sidewalk, walkway and park was bursting with fresh flowers, even dying flowers but there’s beauty in death. It’s a goal/dream of mine to host a gallery of my photos. I’d like to believe I can do wonders, and what better way to show them off then putting them ALL on display. I can’t wait until I return to San Jose, California. There’s still so much for me to capture. Tristan Jonez