In MY dreams

When you dream, what do you dream?

Lately, My dreams consist of Sunshine & Palm Trees. Yes, Los Angeles is on my mind … weird. I think I’ve been watching way too much All American, because the West Coast has been calling to me. Fun Fact; I lived in LA in 2009. I went for vacation, and seven months later I was calling The Valley home. And I went there with about a G, quickly found a job, but I would go to Santa Monica everyday. Listen, its not a short trip from The Valley to Santa Monica Pier ON THE BUS! Lordy, I just think back and laugh cuz I was really navigating my whole entire life on the damn bus! (Laughing) This girl was determined! After a month, I moved from The Valley to East LA.

Now back to you, When you dream, what do you dream?

Tristan J.


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