state to state

I’m back in Chicago, Got in two days ago? three days ago? Chile, IDK, I can barely keep up with the days of the week, but I am back home. Didn’t meant to spend two weeks in New York especially since I barely took enough clothes to last. So trust, I was out here, hand washing everything, everyday! I left Chicago with high 70’s weather, I return to the high 40’s! Gawd! Please remind me why I love this city so much? Sigh! Living in Dallas spoiled me, cuz now I am NOT ready for these cooler temps so early into the fall. Sunshine, please Save ME. I won’t even mention the rain!

Also, Amazon is a Hater! I was supposed to receive a package today, hence me coming home, and guess what wasn’t ready for me? Yup, My damn package. I had plans to fly elsewhere, but I guess Chicago, missed me too!

Tristan Jonez


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