Chicago’s Own.

Your favorite Non decision maker, has made a decision.

Say Congratulations, because I have officially moved to Chicago, IL! Yes, I am a resident! I even manifested this apartment yall. Its everything I want, minus being a second floor walk up but even that, I love. I moved in April 4. I know I am late telling yall, but those who needed to know, knew. Although all paperwork is filed, it felt weird being ‘stabled’ like I can’t just up and walk away. I’m giving Chicago a year, to either Wow me, so that I’ll stay here forever Or I’ll be out to my beach city.

I am just here taking my time to decorate, but I have the vision, and I am going to see it through. However for now, I am so happy! Chicago, welcome your newest resident!

Tristan Jonez.


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