Chicago’s Own.

Your favorite Non decision maker, has made a decision.

Say Congratulations, because I have officially moved to Chicago, IL! Yes, I am a resident! I even manifested this apartment yall. Its everything I want, minus being a second floor walk up but even that, I love. I moved in April 4. I know I am late telling yall, but those who needed to know, knew. Although all paperwork is filed, it felt weird being ‘stabled’ like I can’t just up and walk away. I’m giving Chicago a year, to either Wow me, so that I’ll stay here forever Or I’ll be out to my beach city.

I am just here taking my time to decorate, but I have the vision, and I am going to see it through. However for now, I am so happy! Chicago, welcome your newest resident!

Tristan Jonez.

state to state

I’m back in Chicago, Got in two days ago? three days ago? Chile, IDK, I can barely keep up with the days of the week, but I am back home. Didn’t meant to spend two weeks in New York especially since I barely took enough clothes to last. So trust, I was out here, hand washing everything, everyday! I left Chicago with high 70’s weather, I return to the high 40’s! Gawd! Please remind me why I love this city so much? Sigh! Living in Dallas spoiled me, cuz now I am NOT ready for these cooler temps so early into the fall. Sunshine, please Save ME. I won’t even mention the rain!

Also, Amazon is a Hater! I was supposed to receive a package today, hence me coming home, and guess what wasn’t ready for me? Yup, My damn package. I had plans to fly elsewhere, but I guess Chicago, missed me too!

Tristan Jonez

BlkSingle in Chicago

Where are the single, black and attractive men in Chicago? I promise this isn’t shade, because we are all ugly to someone, but I’m looking for where the majority of Black single males hang out. I’m willing to be the single lady who goes out and does an investigation. Research is obviously needed, especially since I honestly can’t find where they are hiding. Do I need to make/take a trip to the hood? IF so, point me in the direction they might be. Is it bars? lounges? Sporting Events? Minus the club, I think I am willing to take one for the single female team, and go see where I can find a group.

Ladies, when I make contact I will ensure they bring their singles friends along. This is just the beginning, but I will not forget y’all when I find the ultimate secret land flowing with single black attractive men!

Tristan Jonez

Art Institvte Chicago

I’ve dreamt of The Art Institute of Chicago for as long as I could remember. I was in love way before I had the opportunity to visit. And I mean head over heels, so deep in love. But I had this crazy notion in my head, that 27$ was WAY too much to spend on a ticket to the museum. (Blame NYC museums as they are free!) So I told myself there was absolutely no way I would pay to visit. Keep in mind, I love art, and I place no value on the pieces that are on exhibit currently, but I was totally against it.

Thanks to having a well placed vacation, I was able to make a weekend out of visiting The Art Institute of Chicago, and I’ve fallen deeper in love with the city of Chicago. The museum was amazing. Perfection! I did not want to leave, and contemplated sneaking into a bathroom stall and having a night at the museum night! Then I got scared that they would find me, and arrest me so I scrapped that idea. Thanks to Bank of America, I was able to visit for FREE! They have a program, every first weekend of the month (Sat/Sun) if you show your card to select museums you are able to visit free of charge.

Make Sure you check out so you can learn about all the museums you’ll be able to visit with your card. I can’t wait to see you guys there!

Tristan Jonez.