Intro to Fall

I recently put together a floral arrangement, well two as an introduction into fall. When I went looking for flowers, Halloween, especially was on my mind. I was actually looking for any dahlias, or even dark tulips but there was only summer colors avail. As a general rule of thumb, I stay away from Roses, just because roses can over or underwhelm an arrangement. Mums are my go to, because they do well, with limited sun, and are fully displayed.

Tristan J.

PS. I think these are one of my favorite arrangements.

Summa Summa

This Summer I don’t feel like Ive done much of anything, except maybe work. So now we are quickly falling into fall, and although I celebrate all the seasons, I am not looking forward. Currently I am looking out the window, and the winds are blowing hard! Welcome to Chicago. I just am not ready but I am ready for fall foods. Welcome to the season of comfort food! I’m not a super fan of pumpkin (anything) but I can already taste the autumn squash soup!

I am going to try my best to actually participate in Fall. My goal is to try new restaurants, because food is life. Have y’all done anything for the summer?

Tristan J.

Happy First(ish) Day of Fall.

state to state

I’m back in Chicago, Got in two days ago? three days ago? Chile, IDK, I can barely keep up with the days of the week, but I am back home. Didn’t meant to spend two weeks in New York especially since I barely took enough clothes to last. So trust, I was out here, hand washing everything, everyday! I left Chicago with high 70’s weather, I return to the high 40’s! Gawd! Please remind me why I love this city so much? Sigh! Living in Dallas spoiled me, cuz now I am NOT ready for these cooler temps so early into the fall. Sunshine, please Save ME. I won’t even mention the rain!

Also, Amazon is a Hater! I was supposed to receive a package today, hence me coming home, and guess what wasn’t ready for me? Yup, My damn package. I had plans to fly elsewhere, but I guess Chicago, missed me too!

Tristan Jonez