Yall know I love blk and white photography, just an instant timeless photo. And when done right, when you get ‘the’ shot, it becomes a forever photo. So I’m always trying new (for me) things, this time I was playing with lighting, and posing. I honestly never know how to pose, so I just do slow random movements, then check the footage, and make adjustments as needed. This time I was in Puerto Rico, and the bathing suit I was planning on wearing, was not staying in the correct places, so I decided to still utilize the suit in my room. Without further delay … Also, Be Kind about my work! I’m sensitive about my shit!

Tristan J.

day by day

Y’all know I have some of the greatest set of childhood best friends. The Best!

So of course we have a group chat, and although we don’t talk every single day, when we do chat, its the funniest thing in life! Today, Ash posted a link to IG, where there’s a skit of a ‘marching band’, just three members, the drum major, a flag girl and the cymbals. It wasn’t us, but it was. Theres no videos, and very few photos of us when we were younger, and it always makes me sad. It really is true, you never know the effect of a moment UNTIL its a memory.

So I implore you all, take as many photos as you can. I know it’s not easy to be in the moment, to be in the present, and try to capture what’s going on, but figure out a way.

Tristan Jonez.

Shooting Nights.

Night Shooting; Night Two.

Its all in the lighting. Everything is fully dependent on the lighting, Oh, and how steady you can hold your hand. Mind you the temps in Chicago, by the water, isn’t nothing to play with. However Night Two was a success! I am learning to appreciate the types of photos that are captured, when there isn’t a expectation in mind. Unfortunately all the minutes for night mode videos, are too dark. Way too dark, but its alright, we’ll continue to work on that. I also gave time wrap a try, and whoa! I am shookth! I only recorded three seconds, but in those few seconds I see what I can make happen and I am so excited.

PS. I’ve been keeping an open mind when editing and y’all!! The possibilities have me so super giddy. I’ll set them for the World’s consumption tomorrow!

Good Night, Tristan J.

A Fail

Its been a while since I’ve experience a fail with my photography, but tonight, I got a dose of failure. I hardly ever shoot at night, its just not a strength, If I’m being honest, but I’ve been looking to challenge myself. Before going out to shoot, I watched a few youtube videos, to familiarize myself with what my presets should be for capturing night photos. Well guys, still a fail! Granted, I didn’t have anything in particular I was attempting to capture, just wanted quality night pictures … of whatever. Well I got just that, but no quality. Well I can’t say that either.

So upon further investigation of my photos, I do like em. I actually like them a lot, BUT its still not what I think of, when thinking of great night photos. I know the artificial lighting didn’t help, but I’m going to play around with the presets, so I can find what works for me. Excited? I damn sure am!

Tristan Jonez.

Also, Let me know what you think of my photos? Thank you!



I’ve grown so fond of Lisbon, Portugal and I cannot wait until I return! Such a colorful and lively city! And the graffiti! I can only think of Barcelona, off the top of my head, coming close to having such an abundance of graffiti! I would’ve loved to stage a photoshoot with unlimited clothing options. A city blended with old world accents mixed with a new version, a younger versions of what it means to be a creative. I would also like to believe just by being in the city, my perception of what it means to be fashionable has grown as well. I was able to mix colors, patterns and prints, to however I saw fit!

Please as soon as you can, get yourself to Lisbon! I look forward to your transformation as a product of your visit. Have you already been? Please let me know all about your visit!

Tristan J.

Flower Power

In my next trick, I will be a floral photographer. I’m always super excited when the light hits a flower just right, when I have company, a bee/an insect, who is admiring the art just as I am, or just after it’s rained and the beads of water have yet to fall. San Jose doesn’t owe me a thing! Every single sidewalk, walkway and park was bursting with fresh flowers, even dying flowers but there’s beauty in death. It’s a goal/dream of mine to host a gallery of my photos. I’d like to believe I can do wonders, and what better way to show them off then putting them ALL on display. I can’t wait until I return to San Jose, California. There’s still so much for me to capture. Tristan Jonez

Photo Perfect

The way a significant other captures your photo determines how much they care for you.

Like always everything I write is an discussion, but this (!) I strongly believe in. Granted I enjoy taking photos and capturing you in the best light that I possibly can, but thats my job as your girl. I was dating a man, on one of our dates we went to the Museum, he wanted me to take his photos at different stops on the tour I created, so of course I obliged. When I asked him to return the favor and take one … the photo was horrid! It was if he had just snapped the photo without checking to see if I was centered, smiling, eyes opened.. just click. Photo Taken.

Needless to say, this is a relationship that did not work out. I mean why would it, if he didn’t care to take the time to take a subpar photo, then how can he maintain a relationship. Some folks will say that Im bugged out but this logic but its very true. And don’t get me started on the men who won’t even take the photo!

Tristan J.