When you start advocating for yourself, you start to feel better about the choices you create. I’ve decided I will no longer accept sole apologies, nah. Now, I ONLY accept financial apologies. Meaning, if they apologies are not accompanied with money, then you can keep it. Changed behavior only last long enough, until you take folks back, then they are back to do whatever it is they were doing. Totally tired of the bak and forth, I’ve found that if men have to apologize, change their behavior AND pay an apology fee, they are a tad bit willing to figure it out.

Also, I don’t want anyone’s money. Lets be clear. However if they feel I’m being unreasonable and leave, then I’ve gotten what I wanted. IF they decide I’m being reasonable, they pay the fee, then I’ve gotten what I wanted. Either way I win!

Tristan J.

Do you accept apologies?

Apologies Done.

I’m not making any apologies.

I am who I am, and I am willing to allow all of me to be learned but it will be on my terms. I will never allow a person to pressure me into anything that I am not all the way cool with. Too many times, I’ve found myself walking towards the line of regret as I didn’t speak up when I did not want to do something. As an adult, If I’m not for it then I’m not doing it. No one can make me change my mind, if I truly don’t feel like being bothered with it.

When I tell you No, I’m not subconsciously asking you to try harder to convince me. Respect what No means, and move on. When and If I ever rethink what you are asking I will be the one to make the move. No is a complete sentence, I can give an explanation but it is not required.

Tristan J.