You’re talking to a man who has a demanding job, so he doesn’t communicate as frequently as you would like, as of right now, it’s not an issue but you know if things continue they will become a problem.

Question, Do you advise him of your feelings?


I think communication is always a good thing. So being upfront should be a part of your daily routine, however it will be all in the way you tell him. You are aware he has a demanding job, so he may not have easy access to his cellular phone. Even though you may be attached to your phone, he may not feel the same about his device as you do yours. If this is really a problem for you, you have to let him know, otherwise it will slowly annoy you that he doesn’t communicate as much as you’d like. Your gentleman may feel as though he IS communicating more than adequantely enough with you, and thus isn’t reaching out more during the day. Just talk to the man, find the middle ground.

Tristan Jonez.



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