For the past few weeks, Ive stopped to take an inventory of how I interact with people, and how they in turn interact with me. Nothing I do, is ever because I am looking for something in return from others. NEVER! I am always my friends biggest cheerleader, biggest supporter, because I know they out here grinding to make their dreams come true, so why wouldn’t I support them? I am not always able to support their businesses with monetary gains but I’ll plug and plug on social media. My audience might not be large, but its powerful and I am consistent.

However, I am tired of giving and giving, and never really seeing those SAME folks, going hard for me. Supporting me. Assisting with promoting me on social media. Hell, just a kind word or greeting. Truly be interested in what’s going on with me. I had a ‘friend’ who I haven’t spoken to in months, hit me up to promote her business … girl, Fuck you and that business. Of course, I didn’t say that, I just ignored her request but It was utterly ridiculous. Like Boo, Oh you remember me now?

I say this to say, Its a miracle to not turn into a bitter bitty but you can’t let the way other folks behave cause you to wilt. Don’t let people turn you into someone you aren’t. I know it gets annoying but keep it pushing, and keep searching until you find your tribe!

Tristan Jones.

Family Fued.


I’m sure they’ve probably been described as a necessary evil … I’m just wishing I had one that tried to understand me. Everyday I wish upon a star that my mother was still alive, she was the only person in my World who has tried to understand why I do whatever I do, why I feel how I feel, and even back then, I don’t believe I expressed myself in a way that would’ve made it easier for her to understand. I don’t expect my extended family to be there in the same way as my parents, BUT when one of those parents die, and the other one aint worth dirt, I would hope they would step up in a way that’s needed. Listen, I am so non confrontational, I’d just rather deal with it on my own, then confront someone, Lord the anxiety. However there are times that I bite the bullet and say what’s on my mind, and it usually always makes me feel better. 2020, has taught me I cant care so much what others are going to think. I would put out feelers for the things I was thinking about doing, attempting to read the room. But I aint doing that no more, if its something I want to experience, then I have to just go for it. Either its going to work out in the ways I believe or it’ll be a lesson on what to not do for the next time.

Trstn Jnz

Be Grown.

Since January 1st, I’ve been implementing mission: minding my damn business! Whatever someone needs to do to make themselves happy, I keep my opinion to myself. Even if their decision causes THEM pain, I just be like ‘oh ok’, or ‘wow that’s crazy’.  Folks are out here living life, however they see fit, and it’s up to me to continue to mind the business that pays me. Whether a friend or foe, I keep my opinions to myself. There are times when said person wants my opinion on things, and I’ve also been keeping that to myself. Most times, folks are going to do what they want, so I’m wasting my time, getting my feelings involved, when they aren’t going to take heed to anything being said.

I know some folks who would intervene if said person was hurting themselves, but I refuse, unless they were mentally underdeveloped. Everyone I know, and are friends with is GROWN! They are able to take care of themselves, and should be able to make sound decisions. I’ve learned people need to learn for themselves, so who am I to take away their lesson but giving them a cheat code? Nope!

Tristan Jonez