Darius Cooks.

So about two years ago Instagram introduced me to DariusCooks! And I have been addicted to him ever since. If my memory serves me correctly, I saw a photo of a dish he has cook/created and being the food lover I am I could not resist. Weeks later, he posted he would be planning the ultimate dinner party for 20 people. I was so determined to go, that I asked all my friends to assist, in being one of the twenty to get a ticket, unfortunately, none of my friends helped so I wasn’t able to go to the VERY first dinner. Luckily for me, he did ONE more, and guess who got a ticket? ME!! Since that first initial dinner, he has added more cities, with more recipes!

The food was amazingly amazing! I was hooked! Fortunately for me I went a second time, brought along my gay best friend, and my then boyfriend. On this Thursday, May 18th, I will be attending for the third and final time! I will be bringing along my coworker turned friend Tika, so she can experience this ‘family reunion’ style dinner party. To watch this gentleman grow as a brand, has been such a pleasure!

Tristan Jonez

PS, Yes that is certainly me in the photo. I had to unbutton my damn pants and shirt, as I was literally bursting at the seems.



Vaca * tion

So I was on vacation for two whole weeks! I’ve never taken a vacation for that long, ever!

Can we discuss how I went from Frankfurt, German to New Orleans, to Chicago. I had such an amazing time, was by myself, the beginning and end, but was joined by friends for Mardi Gras! I will go into deeper discussion about all three places. Initially my plan was to go to carnival in Brazil but that didn’t pan out the way I’d semi planned it. I was even planning on taking Samba lessons as I really wanted to be part of the festivities, but a year flew by so quickly that Feb 2017, snuck up on so quickly that I was unprepared. I’ve been advised that Trinidad Carnival should be on my bucket list, and I am actually putting lots of thought into that idea.

Are you planning on Carnival, in any country next year?

Tristan Jonez

Art Institvte Chicago

I’ve dreamt of The Art Institute of Chicago for as long as I could remember. I was in love way before I had the opportunity to visit. And I mean head over heels, so deep in love. But I had this crazy notion in my head, that 27$ was WAY too much to spend on a ticket to the museum. (Blame NYC museums as they are free!) So I told myself there was absolutely no way I would pay to visit. Keep in mind, I love art, and I place no value on the pieces that are on exhibit currently, but I was totally against it.

Thanks to having a well placed vacation, I was able to make a weekend out of visiting The Art Institute of Chicago, and I’ve fallen deeper in love with the city of Chicago. The museum was amazing. Perfection! I did not want to leave, and contemplated sneaking into a bathroom stall and having a night at the museum night! Then I got scared that they would find me, and arrest me so I scrapped that idea. Thanks to Bank of America, I was able to visit for FREE! They have a program, every first weekend of the month (Sat/Sun) if you show your card to select museums you are able to visit free of charge.

Make Sure you check out BankofAmerica.com so you can learn about all the museums you’ll be able to visit with your card. I can’t wait to see you guys there!

Tristan Jonez.

Care Less/Careless

Although I was not married at the time, I had an affair.

My partner and I was on the outs, arguments daily, and just in a state of unhappiness. We were nearing the end of our relationship but was still making an ‘effort’ to be together. We had put in time, and was trying to get back to the place where we was extremely happy with one another. Something just wasn’t clicking! I had booked a trip to Chicago, as I was secretly planning on moving there, and had two interviews scheduled. During my visit to the Windy City, I went to a local lounge, for grown folks, and meet an older gentleman. During the rest of my trip, we were together often. I returned back to Chicago three more times, to check out the scenery there and to get to know this gentleman better.

I was entertaining this gentleman while I knew I had a boyfriend back in New York. Although this was wrong I did not feel remorse for my actions. Even though I was not intimate with this gentleman, I would later find out that my beau was not being as faithful as he made me believe.

T. Jonez

Two Steppin’

I’ve been wanting to get back to Chicago ever since I left, and it’s possible that I may have the opportunity to go back… but why am I hesitating? Most of my adult life, I’ve heard that I run away from my problems. I strongly disagree as my problems follow me from city to city, moving to Chicago doesn’t erase them. You all know my love affair with Chicago, but I am just not sure now is the right time to leave. I feel like I’m getting my footing on solid ground, and I’m not sure in what ways moving to another city would affect that.

If the opportunity pans out, my decision will come out of a hat, written on a piece of paper.


Tristan J.


Funny Thing

As I get older, I find myself thinking about all sorts of things… mostly things dealing with love and life. I’m a bit hung up on soulmates, If I have one, and If I do, where is he? I’ve been thinking what if a soulmate has nothing to do with another human, what if your soul is connected to a place? If my destiny wasn’t connected to another person It wouldn’t surprise me since I’m fully connected to Chicago.

I wish I could adequately explain how Chicago makes me feel. For a second put aside everything you’ve ever heard about the city. When I land It feels like home, in spite of  itself it feels safe to me. Chicago welcomes me home with opened arms, its like receiving a warm cup of tea after being outside in the cold for too long. In high school, I just KNEW I had to visit Chicago, there was some force beyond myself pulling me there. I still feel that pull, and I make sure to fly to Chicago every single chance I get. Chicago grounds me in a way that no other place has been able to do. Philadelphia has come close, but I always feel something is missing when I stay there for too long.

Have you ever been connected to a place?