I am realizing that folks are obsessed with the unknown. People are more willing to follow through the steps when they do not know what the ‘prize’ will be. I’m currently in the middle of doing my second giveaway, and I would like to believe that it is going better than my first. Obviously the first is a learning lesson, and I did learn. This time around I am playing with different ideas, and not limiting myself to thinking that because something is free they will just ‘do it’. As of today five people have entered compared to the two that entered the first time. I am just as excited to be hosting the giveaway.

My Valentine’s Day giveaway was largely in part for me being the single belle that I am, I wanted to spoil someone other than myself. Lush has always been one of my favorite stores for pampering so it just seemed like a no brainer. My objective is the same with this giveaway as the last, and the rest that are to come, I want women to use the products they are given, and block off some time for themselves to put themselves first.

Have you Entered yet, it ends today!

Tristan J.

Valentine Day Slay

Since I am single this year for Valentine’s Day I was thinking about doing some sort of giveaway, but Im not exactly sure what I should actually give away. Right now I’m toying with creating an amazing bathcocktail with the assistance of Lush Cosmetics or possibly creating a date, at one of my favorite dessert spots. My first giveaway wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I mean, its Free! Everyone should be jumping at the idea of a gratis… this time around I think I will market it differently. Really use my brain, for poppin’ out of the box ideas.

I was toying with the idea of possibly opening up the giveaway to men but Im still on the fence because I want to first brand myself with the empowerment of women. After I’ve made my stance abundantly clear then I want to brand out to my fellas and include them. However I think for the next few months I will be rocking out with the ladies!

Hey Ladies!!