Believe what others see in you. -Kimora Lee Simmons

Kimora Lee Simmons, my older cousin, in my head, wrote that in her book, Fabulousity, and its’ stuck with me for years. There are plenty of times that I don’t always have the confidence I should have but then I remember, Believe in what others see in you. My best friend, Jeff, literally tells me all the time how beautiful I am, and I usually try to get him to tone it down. ME? Beautiful? Gorgeous? Like seriously? And everyday? Cant be. Not me.

I had to stop thinking of myself as not being beautiful. I’ve recently started only talking to myself positively, I don’t even joke with myself, negatively. I don’t want any of those ideas in my head. I am beautiful and I, above all have to believe it, but … I do fall short. I am still a work in progress. On the days I feel my best, I capture it with a photo, or a million.

Whats ur strategy when not feeling so gorgeous? How do you hype yourself?

Here, Feeling Beautiful

Tristan J


When did we get into the habit of glossing over the ‘struggle’? I find that folks are so eager to show that they are winning, that it creates unrealistic expectations so when you do lose, personally, you lose your fucking mind. We know, with all forms of social media, you have to keep up airs, stay put on but isn’t that exhausting? Now don’t get me wrong, who the hell wants to solely focus on failures? Nobody. That’s a depressing place to be, but shit happens, right?

I want to create a place of equal balance. A place where we celebrate the lows just as fiercely as the highs. Now maybe I won’t be the actual person to create this haven I’m looking for but i do want to play my part. So although I do believe I vocalize my lows and highs equally, I will be more aware of the content I put out. Just as often as I scream men ain’t shit but fuck boys, I’ll turn around and showcase men who have the qualities that’ll make your knees buckle.

T. Jonez