Mothers Day

Its been sixteen years since my mother had died, so Mother’s Day doesn’t hit as it would if I had a parent. Grieving is a weird thing, because it doesn’t move us the same. I find myself being less sad in general, but there are times, I am so sadden, its hard to think of anything else than her not being here. With Mother’s Day upon us, its just a regular day. It wasn’t until about two years ago, that I even acknowledged the day, and wished it to others.

So I am going to take the time to wish everyone who is a mother, a Happy Mother’s Day. To those of us, still trying to navigate what it means to live life without having a mother, continue to be whatever you need. Please remember to lean on those who love you, love on them a little harder today! I Love You, Always


Dear Motherless Child.

I love you.

I know what you’re feeling as Mother’s Day approaches, and I’m here to support you as much as you need. As much as you’ll want to isolate yourself, don’t. Or please don’t for very long. Cry, Yell, be angry, and/or Scream as much as you have to but don’t forget to surround yourself with love. “They” lied when they said time heals all wounds, it doesn’t, it just makes you learn what’s really important, what’s really worth your time and focus.

Although I can’t remember my first Mother’s Day without my mother, I do remember locking myself within myself. It remained that way for years to come, I told myself I didn’t celebrate this holiday, why should I?! I was without a mother. However as time passed I realized I was focusing on what I no longer had and not focusing on the many other women who had filled my heart with motherly love at one time or another. Now I celebrate those women.

Your momma may not be here physically, you may not be able to see or converse with her but I believe she’s still near you. Still watching and is part of your daily blessings. Celebrate the woman she was, celebrate the memories you’ve created together, and remember the love she showered you with.

In all things, with all things, let love be your guide.

Tristan Jonez.

PS. Happy Mother’s Day Garlick.

Mother’s Day, 17.

Today is Mother’s Day.

Since my own mother died, I stopped paying attention to this particular holiday. I think I was salty that everyone else had a mother or a mother figure, and I didn’t. I haven’t celebrated Mother’s Day since my mother was alive. So today I decided I would celebrate the mother’s that I did know, including a lot of first time mothers. (Shout out to Jennifer!)I wanted them to know they were appreciated, especially by me. I know its no small feat to be able to bring life into the world.

As of today, I haven’t had the pleasure of becoming a Mother but I will when the time is right for me. For my friends/Readers, that are awesome mothers or know an amazing mother, I wish all of you the happiest of Day!

Tristan J.