I was called Perfect. I was called Perfection. Obviously I am far from perfect, but in someone’s eyes Im ‘It’, the epitome of what we all (most) aspire to be; perfect. I definitely took pleasure in his words. It feels good when a friend, lover, stranger, human being (whatever title) can acknowledge you or your talent! […]



I learned a lesson today folks. Well I received a nice little reminder… STOP begging people to support you. As much as we all want support stop begging people to give it to you. If its not coming from a place where they would like to do it freely, then I don’t want it. As […]


I Dare You.

Jazmine Sullivan is my girl! She’s such a friend in my head! So obviously I love all her albums, and I’m genuinely excited that she’s still making music. Reality Show Album, song ‘If you Dare’ is my anthem. “Stop thinking small when you could have it all” I don’t know about you, but I want […]