Such a Loaded Question, huh? 

A bad relationship ultimately and simply is any relationship you don’t really want to be in. Sex can only sustain any relationship for so long, unless it’s FWB. So many folks, including myself, have tried to stretch a relationship but it won’t work. It gets tiring quickly. 

Good sex will only sustain you until you find yourself in a better situation… with someone you actually want to pursue. Matter fact, even in a FWB situation, you’ll grow annoyed with everything besides the sex. True Story, when I was dating someone, only the sex was a highlight to them, after a while, the sex couldn’t even overshadow the person. 

So how long can good sex sustain a “bad” relationship? 

Tristan J. 

*FWB – Friends with Benefits 



  1. My fwb situation wasn’t a bad relationship per se, we just weren’t right for each other and decided fwb was what worked best for us. This just ended recently and it was ongoing for just over a year. It ended because I met someone else. Had I not met someone else, my fwb and I would probably go for a while longer until one of us found someone. It seemed pretty sustainable until someone else was in the picture.

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  2. This is a good question.
    I think it really depends on the person Tbh.
    It depends how important sex is to a person in a committed relationship and how high the sex drive is.
    For me when I’m in a relationship the sex is a bonus to me. So if the personality doesn’t attract then I don’t care for the sex. Don’t get me wrong sex is good, but I don’t allow sex to control me.
    If you allow sex to control you, the the person giving you good sex will control you and have power over you.

    Another good question is if the relationship is healthy and you significant other is everything you ask for good looking,intelligent,independent, ambitious, caring, but the sex was awful , could bad sex harm a good relationship?

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    1. Thank you for the counter question, I think bad sex is something that can be worked on, especially if the relationship is healthy. No man/woman like the same things so in relationships we have to figure out how to please the person we are with. So although good sex can only sustain a relationship for so long, I think with bad sex there is only room for improvement.

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