Cut It Off?

In this age of dating, stop being so quick to cut ‘a nigga off’.

The options are endless, choices boundless but doesn’t it get tiring swiping right or left? How much time are you actually putting in to get to know someone? A week is NOT enough time to really know anything about a person. Hell, only texting for a few weeks isn’t enough. I’ve had to learn to slow it down, taking my time is never a bad thing. Talking to multiple isn’t a bad thing either, however attempting to date five people at the same time isn’t it! You’ll surely be spreading urself too thin. Although I’m currently getting to know one person, I could handle another, but no one has piqued my interest enough. I’m sure it also has something to do with my moving to another city. Once I’m settled in Dallas, I’ll be out and about getting to know the city, and the chocolate men that come with it.

How long do you average with someone before they are either let go or invested into?

Writers Edit: Red Flags are NOT to be ignored. Just like anything in life, there are varying degrees of red flags, but when getting to know someone, be sure you know what your hard red flags look like so you can judge that situation correctly.




  1. For me it’s not a time frame necessarily, it’s red flags. Depending on the red flag, that will determine if I want to continue talking to a person or not. Certain red flags, I would take a more cut throat approach & gracefully bow out, while others I would keep in my roll of decks, to see if this is going to be a problem at a later time.


    1. It’s funny cuz I added red flags in there, but then I took it out cuz I thought I was going off topic. Next time I’ll go with my first mind.
      But I wholeheartedly agree with your comment. Red flags shouldn’t be ignored but certain red flags are a bit more lenient than others.


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