Haterade Nation. 

I’ll admit, because I’m always super honest with you guys, that I almost turned into a hater this week. As you all know, there’s nothing more I’d like to do than live in my Soul city of Chicago but when it came time to transfer, unforeseen circumstances prevented that. So a coworker IS actually transferring to Chicago and I was a bit bitter at first when I was told. I was (almost) a hater because I wanted so badly for that to be me. 

I had to be real with myself, and remember how blessed I was for the opportunities that are presenting themselves, and Chicago may not be my destination right now. I owed it to myself to trust my journey but to wish my coworker well on her path. Since today was her last day, I brought a banging cake and a card, that had every little trinket that would remind her of New York. I decided to make this about her, and I’m so glad I did. 

So, tell me when YOU was almost a hater!

Tristan Jonez 


Story Time.

I have a coworker who I know plays dumb so that she doesn’t have to do much of anything. Most of the time, No all of the time I ignore her. I refuse to waste my time, dealing with her nonsense. So last night work was extremely busy, if you know your job description, there’s no need for you to wait around for someone to advise you on what you should be doing. Just do it. But nope! This “lady” just complains. So in the midst of work being super busy, she’s asked to do something by my other smart working coworker, she then says ” I don’t really want to do it, but if I absolutely have to I will.” I couldn’t help myself, I asked well what do you want to do? This female, states, nothing really, just complain. Well chick, we ALL know that you can do that so very well! Hell I’ve never met someone who can complain as thoroughly as you, so kudos!

Laziness will forever annoy my inner and outer being. Especially since I’ve never been lazy when it pertains to someone else. I’m most definitely lazy when it comes to me, and that’s a habit I am working on breaking. When working in an office setting, its best when you keep your emotions in check, if these folks don’t matter then don’t mind them.




Mature X2

I’m maturing quite nicely. There are times that I want to lash out on the people that have wronged me, but lately I’ve been turning the other cheek. And for some I’ve even reached out to them. We are all human beings, and continue to make mistakes, I am no exception. I know that I don’t have any pride when it comes to reaching out to folks, there are folks out here that are extremely good people. I am willing to overlook some shadiness, and move forward. Do I need them? Not necessarily, I know I can go on living my life and be just fine. But I want to be more than just fine, there are folks that I want to be friends with, that the friendship that we’ve created has had meaning. So if I have to be the bigger person and say ‘hello’ first I am okay with that.

In life, some things are worth putting your pride to the side. Have you been the bigger person recently? Let’s Chat!

Tristan J.