Ego Fragility

Ladies, I will continue being an advocate for doing whatever you want. For placing yourself first, because when you’re super sweet as pie, folks think they can treat you however they see fit. That notion no longer work for me. I am not here to cater to the male ego, why should I? Why should you? So y’all know I’m attempting to date. I’m open to other races, and ages, etc. I’m opened to dating folks who aren’t my usual go to per se. I’ve struggled with how to tell men I’m just not interested, but I would prefer a soft blow over anything else. So recently chatting with a man, who I wasn’t interested at all. I responded with pleasantries but why waste time, providing false hope when I have no interest. I laughed at the response. I mean how could I not? You’re not interested yet you went out of your way to gain my attention. I could’ve respected, him not responding, or even, a “Good Night” in return. We as women have been conditioned to support the male ego, let them down softly, try not to reject them, and if you do, put the blame on you. Nope! Although I will forever be respectful in my dealings, protecting your (fragile) Ego will never be my concern.

Tristan Jonez



  1. Ok, a lot of things to digest here. Before I begin, I am the guy in the pic. I did a reverse image search and your page pulled up. To prove it’s me, if you still have the conversation history, which I doubt, you will see that I opened with “Hello there, how are you? I’m David”. That’s proof. Anyway..

    1. “White man”. What does my race have anything to do with this?

    2. You did sound very very self centered. It appeared that way in your page. I sent a message anyway cause you never know I guess.

    3. You were never talkative. Conversation is a two way street. Messages online should be no different than in a coffee shop. If I say how was ur day, a very lame and irritating response is “fine”. We’re adults, you can speak in sentences can’t you? What you wrote in the screenshot is literally the most you talked in the entire short conv.

    4. If you truly were not interested from the beginning, then make it known. I’m not on there to waste anyone’s time and you shouldn’t be either. If I get a message from someone, I’ll kindly give them the respect back by replying and saying I’m not interested. That’s all you had to do.

    5. Honesty is the best policy. I was being real. I was being me. You came across that way and I pointed it out, and then subsequently told you that I’m not interested because of it. Cause our conversations felt like me talking to a brick wall, if a brick wall could speak 1-2 words at a time.

    I see you didn’t post the entire conversation where I asked how pof was treating you, and how ur night was going. How about you post a screenshot of the conv where you ask me any question that involves getting to know me.

    You can’t.

    I’m glad my conversation with you prompted this blog. If anything I find it somewhat entertaining, especially at the fact that only 1 person viewed it and had a comment. To her, bye bye to you as well!

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    1. Clearly you don’t read well David.
      You quoted, white man, but I NEVER mentioned your race, just that I was opened to dating other races.
      I also NEVER respond with “fine”. When someone asks how I’m doing, I always say, “I’m amazing, you?”

      In any event, once again, Take Care.


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