Mizz Jonez

Daddy DutiesĀ 

I think I was assigned to the wrong dad. I honestly believe there was some mix up at the hospital I was born in because the man that I’ve been told is my dad, just couldn’t be.  I am full of love, and goodness. I see only the best in everyone, even when they aren’t […]


thanks given

I’ve created this space on the internet, as a safe space for me to always be able to express myself. Even if its just to put my thoughts and emotions on ‘paper’ as keeping it bottled up will have me go insane. Yesterday was Thanksgiving, and Im feeling alone more than ever. Im feeling like […]


Thanksgiving Blues.

Listen, I’m trying to spend thanksgiving in some other country, where they are not sitting around with a group of folks they are related to by blood who they would not otherwise be with. The spirit of Thanksgiving has been long lost amongst most families I know personally. I would’ve participated in Friendsgiving but my […]