Why Wait?

Why wait for 2018? Do it Now. Recently I listened to a video snippet, and the author told me, why wait until 2018 to make the changes you’d like to make? And shorty, is right! Why am I going to wait until 2018 to start fresh, when everyday I wake up translates to a new […]



I don’t participate in the “New Year, New Me” however I’m still the same person, not looking to change overnight. I am however learning to push myself to be the best version of myself. So everyday I get up, I actively do my best to be happy. I am tired of living in negativity of […]



January 2nd is the anniversary of my first love committing suicide. Its like you are excited for the beginning of the year, a chance to do a massive reset on your life and the folks in it, but then bam! 48 hrs later you are brought back to a place mentally, where you almost didn’t […]