When was the last time you went to Radio City Music Hall to see The Christmas Spectacular? I want to believe my parents took me at some point in my life but I honestly can’t remember seeing it from my memory bank. Well this evening I went to The Christmas Spectacular and I had an amazing blast. There was a storyline, I thought I would just see The Rockettes dancing for two hours, but nope! I was so pleasantly surprised to see, the show which combined Santa Claus, Nutcracker and an excerpt of the birth of Christ. I do believe it should be seen from multiple angles in the theatre, If I do so happen to make it back to see the show again, I would like to be on the third mezzanine so you would have a wide-angle of the stage. Unless the price was soooooo amazing that I just couldn’t pass up, then and only then would I purchase an orchestra seat.

Because I went to this evening show, I received a Santa Hat! I can’t tell you how excited I was to put that on my head, when santa asked the audience to, it was the beginning of the santa dance number. I felt like a little kid again, dancing and clapping my seat. I didn’t care too much about who saw.

Happy Holidays Folks


Showtime Apollo!

Recently I had the pleasure of attending a show at the Worlds’s Famous Apollo Theatre in Harlem! Can I first, just tell you guys how it felt to be in a place where so many great and talented artist have gotten their start? Like I was in awe of where I was, but the moment was not lost on me. I was fully in that moment, as I could have been. I can’t tell you how many times, I was up late night trying to watch amateur night, awaiting the acts that move on to the next round. OMG! I was at the Apollo Theatre! Although I have no bucket list, If I did, I just crossed one more thing off. Again, I have to thank my coworker turned friend, Chinoah, for the opportunity to see a global monument! (It is to me)

Secondly, Can I tell you how bad I felt to boo someone? It was horrid, cuz we are all so conditioned to believe everyone deserves an E for effort, but that is definitely not the Apollo Way! If you are not popping off, by those first few chords, then your ass is going to get boo’d. I want to believe that everyone knows this is a possibility, even if YOU believe you are the best singer that has ever lived. However sitting in the front row, the ones who were boo’d, I don’t think they even thought of that happening. I’ll admit, I got into the spirit of the Apollo, and I boo’d someone, Hell I even stood up and boo’d them! I know this type of behavior isn’t accepted anywhere, but at the Apollo its your duty to do what you have to… and I HAD to!

Of Course I forget to ask when the episode would air because I was just so caught up in making sure I was present in that moment. What I do know, It will be airing on primetime on FOX. So look out for me, I’ll be coming to your television screen very soon.

Tristan Jonez.

L.A Blues.

In 2009, I went on a vacation to Los Angeles, with a coworker and her two friends. I fell in love with the city, the people and the vibe of the city. Six Months after that vacation, I moved to Los Angeles full time. Although I didn’t stay in the city long, LA will always mean so much to me. The memories I created from the time I visit, to the time I moved there will always make me feel warm and fuzzy.

Recently I went back to LA, and my four hours visiting there did not disappoint. I started off my visit going straight to my absolute favorite, place in California, which is Santa Monica Pier. After the midday flight, without grabbing something to eat, I found the nearest food truck, and OMGEEEE! Upon first bite, I wanted to cry tears of hunger/joy. I thought I was solely ordering a chicken quesadilla but I received ‘crack’ rice and refried beans topped with parmesan cheese. A meal to die for, I ended up eating my meal and chatting with a seagull.

Next up, Santa Monica Beach and the Pier. There’s always something about being near water, that makes me feel invincible but calms every stressed muscle I have. I probably would’ve stayed longer at the Pier but the Seagulls are so aggressive, I was scared one was going to yoke me up and throw me off the pier.

Its something about being on the other side of the country, cuz I had an amazing glow from the California sun. I am always blessed to be able to jump on a plane and go wherever the wind feels like taking me.

Have you guys been to Los Angeles? If so, what’s your favorite place?

Tristan J


Fright Festival

So this year I was fortunate to have a friend care about me enough to invite me to fright fest at Six Flags Great Adventures in Jackson, New Jersey. As you all know, I am not a fan of group activities, so my first thought was to say no thank you, however I surprised myself by confirming that I would be in attendance. We were scheduled to go the night before Halloween, but it was forecast to rain all day, so I was playing it by ear. It did rain, the morning of but luckily, all the clouds cleared out by mid afternoon, with the park opening at 5pm, there was enough time for the rides to be dry. There was a total of eleven people in the group, did I mention they were coworkers? Well yes, it was, so I broke two of my rules in one night.

Disclaimer, I am not a fan of scary ish. I have been known to scare easy, so lord only knows why I agreed to go. There was a few times, I was so scared I could pee my pants. The problem, the zombies, creepers and clowns are only in certain parts of the park, so you actually do forget they are there. Until one is scaring the shit out of you, then its too late. There’s the fog that comes out, which makes it ten times worst than what it really is.

Although the park was semi packed, we did not have to wait in line for a ride, until our last ride which was the Superman. And I rode the Kingda Ka twice. Did I mention how cold it was? Geez! So Imagine being in a rollercoaster flying through the air, with your stomach dropping at every turn… fun! I know! Six Flags is fun no matter the time of year, but make sure you pencil in Fright Fest for your next adventure.

Tristan J

SideNote: Don’t forget to grab a funnel cake with Strawberries before you leave.

November Rule (Reviewish)

For me to be so single, I sure picked a romantic movie to watch! 

So November Rule, directed by Mike Elliott, is a black indie film, that I loved! (FYI I’m not sure why Tyga is in the poster for the movie, he was featured for half a second!) Don’t let that discourage you! Sneaker heads will enjoy for the multiple rare shoe sightings! 

To sum up the movie, boy meets girl, boy likes girl, but breaks up with said girl as to not have to partake in any holiday events. Girl moves on with new boy but new boy is just as douchey as old boy. Old boy realizes he wants girl but girl no longer wants him. 

You’ll love it, I promise. Just go watch the film! It’s definitely Netflix & Chill worthy. 


SideNote: LaLa does a really good job in this movie, as well as Jay Ellis, however he came off moreso bipolar than asshole. 

Forgive them not.

Forgive all who have offended you, not for them, but for yourself. -Harriet Nelson

I’m the forgiving type. Always have been. There’s only so much space in my head, so I just cant keep a grudge. Don’t get me wrong, I may forgive you but I don’t have to ever interact with you after the fact again. There is no one that I’ve lost that I want back.

Its funny because I have a sibling, older, who I have no interest in interacting with again. I’ve forgiven the incredibly shitty things she’s done to me, without an apology I might add, but I don’t expect one from her. Just because I’ve forgiven her for things done, doesnt means I have to turn the other cheek either. I don’t start situations with folks, but I don’t shy from saying whatever I’m feeling if need be. I’m a sensitive flower but I will fight back too. There’s too much of a backstory, thirty years, to break everything down to yall, but I will post one situation.

My sibling has a tendency to be rude, nasty and sometimes harsh with the wording she chooses in her delivery. I made it known I did not like the way she was speaking to me and if she continued we would no longer be talking. I understand I will always be seen as her little sister but I’m an adult and she need to respect me such. Well she did not like what I told her and went on Instagram to make it known. We are/were friends on there so I saw what she wrote and felt the need to respond. As an adult if you have an issue, it should be your duty to come to me personally. Only children use social media as a form of conflict resolution, I even told her via her social media, she can take it offline, if she wanted. Needless to say she did not respond. I truly love my sister but I’ve lost respect for her, based on her behavior, but I forgive her for those same behaviors, I just choose to keep my distance. But I Wish her the very best life has to offer her.

Its okay to forgive people, hell I encourage it, just don’t put yourself in situations that would make you forgive them again. Let it be a lesson, but learn from it the first time. An old dog doesn’t usually learn new tricks, remember that.


Cup of Chocolate 

Who trying to go to the #1 shoppe in New York, and possibly America, for Hot Chocolate?

I’m trying to go ASAP. Oh you want to know the name of this amazing place? Well If I tell you, do you promise to go and try it for yourself? I hope you said yes since I’m trusting you. Well my friend, the best place is Jacques Torres Chocolates.

Seriously hands down the best hot chocolate I’ve had the pleasure of tasting. It’s like they’ve decided to melt the entire chocolate bar, its rich, creamy and thick. The writing about it has me wanting to jump on the train and head to Houston Str. Some odd years ago, I was job hunting, and came across Jacques Torres, sadly they did not hire me, but I was hooked, its been my go to place ever since. When you visit, I recommend Houston Str. as they have a bigger space, but you are also able to watch them make the chocolate. (Hearts)

And for the men who NEVER know what date to plan, I got you covered, I will be posting how to make a trip to Jacques Torres work for date night. I know, you’re welcomed.