November Rule (Reviewish)

For me to be so single, I sure picked a romantic movie to watch! 

So November Rule, directed by Mike Elliott, is a black indie film, that I loved! (FYI I’m not sure why Tyga is in the poster for the movie, he was featured for half a second!) Don’t let that discourage you! Sneaker heads will enjoy for the multiple rare shoe sightings! 

To sum up the movie, boy meets girl, boy likes girl, but breaks up with said girl as to not have to partake in any holiday events. Girl moves on with new boy but new boy is just as douchey as old boy. Old boy realizes he wants girl but girl no longer wants him. 

You’ll love it, I promise. Just go watch the film! It’s definitely Netflix & Chill worthy. 


SideNote: LaLa does a really good job in this movie, as well as Jay Ellis, however he came off moreso bipolar than asshole. 

Forgive them not.

Forgive all who have offended you, not for them, but for yourself. -Harriet Nelson

I’m the forgiving type. Always have been. There’s only so much space in my head, so I just cant keep a grudge. Don’t get me wrong, I may forgive you but I don’t have to ever interact with you after the fact again. There is no one that I’ve lost that I want back.

Its funny because I have a sibling, older, who I have no interest in interacting with again. I’ve forgiven the incredibly shitty things she’s done to me, without an apology I might add, but I don’t expect one from her. Just because I’ve forgiven her for things done, doesnt means I have to turn the other cheek either. I don’t start situations with folks, but I don’t shy from saying whatever I’m feeling if need be. I’m a sensitive flower but I will fight back too. There’s too much of a backstory, thirty years, to break everything down to yall, but I will post one situation.

My sibling has a tendency to be rude, nasty and sometimes harsh with the wording she chooses in her delivery. I made it known I did not like the way she was speaking to me and if she continued we would no longer be talking. I understand I will always be seen as her little sister but I’m an adult and she need to respect me such. Well she did not like what I told her and went on Instagram to make it known. We are/were friends on there so I saw what she wrote and felt the need to respond. As an adult if you have an issue, it should be your duty to come to me personally. Only children use social media as a form of conflict resolution, I even told her via her social media, she can take it offline, if she wanted. Needless to say she did not respond. I truly love my sister but I’ve lost respect for her, based on her behavior, but I forgive her for those same behaviors, I just choose to keep my distance. But I Wish her the very best life has to offer her.

Its okay to forgive people, hell I encourage it, just don’t put yourself in situations that would make you forgive them again. Let it be a lesson, but learn from it the first time. An old dog doesn’t usually learn new tricks, remember that.


Cup of Chocolate 

Who trying to go to the #1 shoppe in New York, and possibly America, for Hot Chocolate?

I’m trying to go ASAP. Oh you want to know the name of this amazing place? Well If I tell you, do you promise to go and try it for yourself? I hope you said yes since I’m trusting you. Well my friend, the best place is Jacques Torres Chocolates.

Seriously hands down the best hot chocolate I’ve had the pleasure of tasting. It’s like they’ve decided to melt the entire chocolate bar, its rich, creamy and thick. The writing about it has me wanting to jump on the train and head to Houston Str. Some odd years ago, I was job hunting, and came across Jacques Torres, sadly they did not hire me, but I was hooked, its been my go to place ever since. When you visit, I recommend Houston Str. as they have a bigger space, but you are also able to watch them make the chocolate. (Hearts)

And for the men who NEVER know what date to plan, I got you covered, I will be posting how to make a trip to Jacques Torres work for date night. I know, you’re welcomed.



UK Babes

My Soul mate lives in the United Kingdom the only problem is I haven’t met him … Yet! Call me crazy but I honestly believe my man is living there wondering If I’m in America too. My logic may be a bit weird but my determining factor is the fact that I feel a connection to London. No I’ve never been BUT I know I’m going to love everything about it.¬†The only exposure I have to UK is their television shows, which I adore by the way.

My explanation will make no sense to the non-believers. Sometimes I wonder If I’m tripping myself but I have to keep the faith. At the least If my soul mate doesn’t reside there, I know he’s out there, in these streets, waiting for me to pop up. In a few weeks I’m going to put my speculation to rest and have an adventure in London. Obviously I will document my experience with you guys, but don’t be surprised when you meet the “Love of my Life”.

What’s up Brov.


Are you OK?

As a black woman, I don’t think I’m asked that question enough. And not just asked, but asked with the purpose of being there if I actually answer honestly. As a black woman I have to be strong for everyone around me, including other black woman who choose to confide in me but who will be there for me? Who can I lean on, to do more than tell me to pray. Who do you turn to when you have no mother, and your dad doesn’t understand?

When is it acceptable to break all the way down? To have the responsibility be placed on everyone else equally? Sometimes I feel like I have to fend for myself, and If I want comfort I have to find it own my own. Thank God for counseling, but sometimes it isn’t enough. This human person who is hear listening to me has no  emotional connection to me, once the session is over, I’m right back to putting on that mask that I’ve learned to wear so well.

So Black Woman, Lets come together, ask your sister, friend, mother, aunt are they ok, and PLEASE be prepared to hear NO I’m not. Offer up more than a kind word about prayer, sometimes it’s great to listen and other times it good to offer up solutions and the way to know the difference of what’s needed is to ask, “What do you need from me? Or “How can I help?” I promise you, these small gestures of love make such a difference.