Life is funny like that. 

Sometimes I really wonder if my life is a reality show to the angels. And if they’re constantly yelling plot twist! The number of weird randomness happening is at an all time high, and I’m just trying to get thru my work week without falling on my face. If tonight was the season finale for my reality show, I’m scared but slightly excited for next season’s foolery. 



Such a Loaded Question, huh? 

A bad relationship ultimately and simply is any relationship you don’t really want to be in. Sex can only sustain any relationship for so long, unless it’s FWB. So many folks, including myself, have tried to stretch a relationship but it won’t work. It gets tiring quickly. 

Good sex will only sustain you until you find yourself in a better situation… with someone you actually want to pursue. Matter fact, even in a FWB situation, you’ll grow annoyed with everything besides the sex. True Story, when I was dating someone, only the sex was a highlight to them, after a while, the sex couldn’t even overshadow the person. 

So how long can good sex sustain a “bad” relationship? 

Tristan J. 

*FWB – Friends with Benefits 

Single Blues 

As much as I’m enjoying “Single life” (Lies) I’m currently going thru Single Blues. It very much could have everything to do with the upcoming change in season which is right around the corner, either way, I’m not looking to be single anymore. However I’m not looking to jump into anything random, just for the sake of not being single. I wonder if it’s possible to forget how to be in a relationship? If it’s possible to forget how to be a party of two? What if I’m no good at being someone’s significant other? Can I admit I’m a bit nervous which I think is the reason for my Single Blues. I could just be living way too much in my head but I’m concerned. 

How have you all dealt with being single while feeling like it won’t be ‘just like riding a bike.’ 



There is only one you, and that is a disadvantage and an advantage in itself.

I am what I would like in return. Reread that, I am what I would like in return. Hands down, I would love to be my own friend. Someone is always telling us to take inventory of our lives, of the folks in our lives, that everyone doesn’t deserve a front seat, and etc, while I do agree with all of that, I think we need to first look at ourselves. Ask ourselves the hard questions, and answer them with honesty. We all have the ability to fool the outside world, but you can only lie to yourself for so long. Eventually you’ll lose your damn mind. This girl here doesn’t like loosing, so I’m honest with myself and others.

There is only one you, and that is an advantage and disadvantage in itself.

Trust in yourself. We continuously make bad decisions, but know that your ability to correct those mistakes make you you. Be who you are, and try not to let the sins of the World change you.


You have got to allow folks to do WHATEVER makes them happy. Seriously! If being with that man makes them happy, let it. If being alone makes them happy, let it. If being a complete asshole makes them happy, let it. Listen don’t stop anyone from being who they are and doing what they want to do. You might consider their choices a mistake, let it happen. Life has gotten better for me since coming to that realization.

Whatever you want to do I am all the way cool with it. Now, will I be friends with you, only if your happiness doesn’t interfere with my own. If what you are doing or being doesn’t calm my spirit then I can’t rock with you. Because I am going to respect whatever decisions you make, and I would expect the same courtesy from you. Too many times do we want folks to allow us room to do as we please, but we don’t extend the same courtesy to others, keep that in mind when being and doing.

Tristan Jonez.

Act Two

Why do men wait until you no longer care, to act right? As an adult, I think I am over the games that folks play so I have no interest in participating in them. So I do let it be known that I’m feeling them, I am not super aggressive, I would rather let a man take it to that next step. I don’t feel like I need to chase you, nope. All I have to do is let you know how I feel, and you either take it from there or be like nah T, I’m just not interested in you. I can appreciate any man that tells me, straight up, that they aren’t interested.

Its funny cuz I can be feeing you until I’m not. I really think men be having this spidey sense cuz the second I’m like this dude is a dub, they want to come with the dinner date and flowers. Then get upset with me when I’m not receptive to any of that shit, cuz dude it’s too late. I’m good on you! In most cases, when I’m chatting with someone, its because they have hit ME up, if you wasn’t ready, then why you bothered? And I’m going to be sitting around wondering why they aren’t acting right.. Nah I’ll be already unto the next.

Tristan J.

The Perfect Kast

Yesterday, I came across the Podcast, “The Perfect Kast” after they liked one of my photos on Instagram. I listened to episode 31:Black in Love, which was their Valentine’s Day podcast, and it was pleasantly entertaining. The host; Benji the prophet and J Leaux made listening, sort of an interactive experience for me. I found myself talking back to them, as if I was a part of the conversation. I laughed throughout, I cursed them out as well. The two host did not sensor themselves when chatting about interactions between men and women. They both took ownership of their asshole-ishness, as well as their sensitive nature when it came up. I respect that they held no punches, none. They expressed themselves throughly, and at times the two hosts, Benji and J Leaux, battled each other about what was the correct course of action to the question that was being answered. I definitely had lots to say during the entire podcast. I enjoyed that they reached out and had two females, Jazzy the Jewel and Miss Nikki, bring their prospective. Although I believe men are most times stupid in their behavior and logic it was refreshing to hear what two blk men had to say about love and relationships.
Luckily for me, listening to this episode gave me a lot of inspiration for content for my own site. Don’t take my word for it, go check out The Perfect Kast on Instagram, iTunes and Sound Cloud… Download it now!

Tristan Jonez.